Seeking a Competitive Advantage in Trading Market News


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Seeking a Competitive Advantage in Trading Market News

Economic reports and market news can be critical drivers of price. When significant economic news occurs, markets response can be anywhere from volatile to violent. Regardless of your trading approach, whether technical or fundamental, if you don’t pay attention to market news, you risk getting sideswiped by the markets.

On the other hand, if you do pay attention to market news, then you may be able to exploit opportunities not seen by those who don’t pay attention to the unfolding of real-time events.

In the end, whether you seek to decrease your risk or increase your positive returns, it’s all a matter of preparation.

And positioning yourself in the markets in a methodologically and technologically prepared manner can sometimes provide you with an advantage that you might rather prefer to have rather than be without.

Why Following News Might Be Critical to Your Trading

Consider this practical scenario: even if you were trading the markets from a real-time technical perspective, your anticipation of future events may be based solely on historical or commonly accepted market patterns.

Many technical traders rely on these models. But as effective as a technical approach can be, it’s turning a blind eye toward two critical factors: events that are scheduled and therefore nearly predictable, and events that may occur randomly and therefore unpredictable.

No matter how closely you follow the markets, no matter what short-term patterns may present themselves, no matter what long-term fundamental forecasts you hold, news can be rapid and volatile, scheduled economic reports can hit immediately, and unanticipated news can sideswipe most traders in a heartbeat.

Market news is not something to be avoided.

But here’s a more important question: is it possible to utilize market news to potentially enhance your trading? And if so, what kind of technology might you need to help you position yourself to better trade news?

One solution that we at Optimus Futures are offering clients is Optimus News. It was designed not only to provide a comprehensive scan of the market environment, but to help you tactically navigate the sometimes rough and volatile landscape of news-driven events.

Why Use Optimus News Platform for Trading Market News

In order to be sufficiently equipped to scan and trade the markets, you need transparent market information and a multi-dimensional or holistic analytical perspective that can help you formulate effective trading decisions.

Optimus News, a complimentary service for account holders, was designed to help clients keep strong analytical pace with the rapid unfolding of real-time market events. Optimus News helps transform the rapid influx of raw information into actionable trading scenarios.

Here are just a few of its features:

Professional Market Depth

  • Follow up to 15 different markets including indices, bonds, commodities, and forex.
  • Gain an at-a-glance view of multiple positions regardless of market or exchange.
  • View fundamental and/or price correlations between related or unrelated markets.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of intermarket responses to significant news events.

High Degree of Customization

  • Customize Optimus News to focus on scheduled news events that may inform of impact your trades.
  • Instead of seeking news feeds and articles on news events, center all of the news that is relevant to you through one platform feed.
  • Channeling relevant news and eliminating the rest may help you increase the speed and accuracy you need to make timely market decisions.

Customizable Information Delivery Channels

  • When on the go, you can switch from a multitude of desktop and mobile handheld devices to access market information in addition to choosing between information delivery modes.
  • Receive (or switch-off) evening digests or notification via email to inform you about upcoming major news announcements in the next few hours.
  • Stay informed with updated news feeds from popular channels of choice including (but not limited to) Yahoo Finance.
  • Organize a calendar of market-related announcements to help you see what’s on the horizon.
  • Access introductory tutorial platforms when you need it.

Intelligent Implications

  • Optimus News Platform provides you the benefit of transforming critical market information into actionable analysis.
  • View the potential impact and risk scenarios posed by an upcoming news announcement.
  • Be prepared to respond to market movements using the News Platform’s rapid measure of price changes and price elasticity following impactful news announcements.

Action-driven Information for Trading Market News

Perhaps the single most distinguished feature of our news platform is its ability to provide action-oriented information and trade ideas.

The platform intelligently finds potential trading opportunities within a specific market by analyzing the market’s performance and behavior to a certain news event, informing you of the likelihood of a similar reaction.

Trading Market News

By analyzing repetitive market patterns and volatility levels around a predictable news event, Optimus News can lay out an entire potential trade plan identifying entry points, exit points and other useful information like expected risk/reward ratio and the historical success rate for the news-related trade setup.

Caveat: the Trade Ideas section of the platform should not be mistaken for “trade signals.” While the trade ideas outline the shape of a trade and its potential risk-to-reward profile, it’s up to your discretion and judgement to determine which of the ideas may provide the highest-quality trade setups.

A trade-assist of sorts, the platform provides you with a comprehensive overview of a trades potential while allowing you to exercise the freedom of judgment in selecting only the trades that align with your overall strategy.

Our news platform practically deciphers most of the information that you may need to understand a market’s reaction to and general behavior surrounding particular news events. How you use this information is entirely in your domain.

In Depth Historical Fundamental Analysis

Rapid market information is incomplete without a comprehensive analysis of depth and breadth. No matter how actionable and immediate market information may be, an understanding of the surrounding context can possibly enhance your trading decisions.

To this end, Optimus News provides comprehensive historical fundamental analysis of a market as an added subscription package. This may be helpful for any trader who wants to seek actionable trends and correlations regarding a predictable and scheduled news event.

This subscription includes not only a wide fundamental perspective on a given news event, but the added value of historical response patterns to that event including impact trends, volatility levels, and price movement patterns.

Optimus News is a powerful tool that can provide impartial, accurate and consumable information. It solves the conventional problems that have for long kept traders away from exploring this information dimension and incorporating it into the rest of their strategy for a more holistic approach to trading.

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