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R|Trader Pro - Rithmic's proprietary trading platform

R | Trader Pro™ is Rithmic’s own front end trading and real-time risk management screen. With R | Trader Pro™ you can view quotes, trades, market depth and option strikes in real-time. You can place, modify and cancel orders, and view order history, performance, positions and risk limits. R | Trader Pro™ supports trailing stops, brackets, OCOs, group orders, charting and uses a real-time interface to and from Microsoft Office Excel.

Our Demo trading account allows you to paper trade the futures market without risking any of your funds. Use our Free 30 Day Trials to test your strategy, familiarize yourself with the platform and experience our customer service.

R | Trader Pro Demo – Download Now it’s FREE!

  • Free Charting with indicators
  • Server-Side OCOs
  • Free Bracket Orders-Trailing stops
  • Unfiltered Data
  • Free Excel Trading
  • Group Orders

All of these professional trading tools of R | Trader Pro are included at no additional cost.

STEP 1 - Fill out the form below to get your FREE R | Trader Pro Futures Trading Demo.

STEP 2 - You will now be redirected to register for your FREE 30 day data trial with live market data.

One-click trading from Chart and DOM


R Trader Pro includes a charting package with built-in studies, drawing tools, annotation tools, and configurable options for bar types, timeframes, and the amount of data to view on a single chart.

Server Side Trailing Stops, OCO Orders, & Brackets


Don't be scared to lose your internet connection in a position - Let your orders reside on Rithmic’s servers with 24/7 connectivity to the exchanges.

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  • Buy/Sell order executed at the Market
  • Profit Target order (cancelled if Stop is hit)
  • Stop Loss order (cancelled if Target is hit)

Real-time interface to and from Microsoft Office Excel:


R Trader Pro has introduced streaming quotes and trade signal compatibility with Microsoft Excel. This allows traders to use simple Excel formulas and spreadsheets to manipulate data, create trading signals, or even real-time fully automated trading systems. View about 100 studies and stream them in real-time into Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets.  With the power of Excel, you may develop your own indicators and, using Rithmic’s two way real-time interface, you may configure trades to be sent back into R | Trade Execution Platform™ through R | Trader Pro™, automatically or with the click of a button.

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Automated Excel Exports

R Trader allows traders to have executions or any other transaction automatically saved as an Excel or CSV file for record keeping and trade logging.

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Quote Board


R Trader includes efficient, flexible, and customizable quote board options for traders who wish to keep an eye on multiple asset classes, correlating or divergent markets, and other market statistics that can be derived from this data.

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Options Board


Options on Futures are available through the R Trader platform, and can be viewed and traded through the Options Board within R Trader. This allows trades not only the opportunity to look at the standard Futures markets but the Options on Futures markets as well

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Order History


Order history can be viewed, searched, and analyzed within R Trader directly from the Rithmic infrastructure.

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Micro Second Timestamps

R Trader publishes all order transmission timestamps so that traders can see at what speeds they are interfacing with the exchanges.

Order Book

Market depth, price action, and simple order entry are all available through the Order Book. Bracket order templates, OCO orders, and other exit and entry strategies are also configurable via the Order Book window.