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Futures Trading Commissions

The trading costs you incur depends on several factors, including the markets and products you trade, the trading platform and order routing (datafeed) connection you use, your margin requirements as well as how much you trade.

Click the tabs below to view the rates that apply to most retail traders and understand all the costs associated with trading futures.

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Futures Trading Commissions

Trade More. Pay Less.

Pay as little as $0.50 / side no matter how much you trade. Clients who meet our daily trading volume thresholds qualify for even more savings with deep discounted commissions as low as $0.10 / Side. After you Open your Account, you must contact us at (800) 771-6748 or to ensure the appropriate commission tier.

Average Daily Contracts Commissions Per Side
0 - 20 Contracts $0.50
21 - 100 Contracts $0.40
101 - 500 Contracts $0.30
501 - 1000 Contracts $0.20
Over 1000 Contracts $0.10


Order Routing and Platform Fees.

Order routing is the process of routing the order to / from exchanges to your trading platform. Order routing fees, also referred to as execution costs, are charged by the datafeed provider and is assessed on a per transaction basis.

Datafeed Order Routing Fee
Rithmic $0.25 per side
CQG $0.10 - $0.25 per side
CTS $0.20 - $0.50 per side
TT $0.00 - $0.30 per side
OEC $0.00 per side: NO FEE
OAK $0.00 per side: NO FEE
eSignal $0.00 per side: NO FEE
QST $0.00 per side: NO FEE
TradeStation $0.00 per side: NO FEE
See Platform Pricing Comparison

*Varies according to FCM and trading platform


Higher Leverage. More Risk.

The trading commissions you pay also depends on your margin requirements - the amount required to enter into a position per contract on an intraday basis. Optimus Futures provides margins based on a percentage of the initial margin* (Example 20%) or a nominal amount (Example $400). Intraday margin (day trading margins) are determined by our clearing firms and based on many factors including market volatility, open interest, customer credit profile and the level of funding in the specific customer's account.

Day Trading Margins Clearing Firm Commissions Per Side
50% of Initial Margin All FCM’s $0.50
25% of Initial Margin TradeStation $0.60
20% of Initial Margin Gain Capital $0.70
$400 Margins AMP Please Contact Us
View All Margins

Optimus Futures, LLC and/or our Clearing FCMs maintains the right to liquidate any position at any time if a margin call and/or deficit occurs. The customer would be responsible for any deficit that occurs as a result of liquidations. We will make our best efforts to contact customers to address margin call depending on the severity of the call. Accounts that are subject to margin calls may experience higher commissions due to increased risk. Specific day trading margins from select FCMs that are well below average rates may subject you to much higher fees than provided above. Contracts with relatively low liquidity may subject you to additional fees.

Exchange/Clearing & NFA Fees

Clearing, Exchange and NFA Regulatory fees apply to all order types regardless of your broker and platform and varies according to the markets and products you trade. Members of exchanges are entitled to discounted Exchange Execution and Clearing fees.

Exchange Fees

Exchange fees are charged directly by the exchange to your brokerage account in return for providing market access. Exchange fees are assessed on a per transaction basis and vary depending upon the market and product being traded.

Clearing Fees

Our FCM’s, also known as a “clearing house”, facilitates the trade between buyers and sellers upon a trader’s order being executed at the exchange. The FCM’s handle all the trade execution, exchange floor and back office operations to ensure that the trade will be settled properly in return for a “clearing fee”, typically provided to brokers at reduced wholesale rates.

National Futures Association (NFA) Fees

The National Futures Association (NFA) is the self-regulatory body of the derivatives industry, including the exchange-based trading of futures products. The NFA requires a fee of US$.02 per side of every exchange-based futures contract traded) and is directly billed to the trader through his or her brokerage account.

CBOT Exchange Pricing

Mini Index - $1.16 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
YM Mini Dow Futures
Financial - $0.96 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
FF 30 Day Fed Funds Rate
NI 10 Year Interest Rate Swap
RS5 5 Year Interest Rate Swap
Treasury - $0.65 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
US 30 Year US Treasury Bond
TY 10 Year US Treasury Note
FV 5 Year US Treasury Note
TU 2 Year US Treasury Note
UB Ultra US Treasury Bond
Mini Agricultural - $1.03 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
YC Mini-sized Corn
YK Mini-sized Soybeans
YW Mini-sized Wheat

CFE Exchange Pricing

VIX Futures — $1.20 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
VX CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) Futures

CME Exchange Pricing

E-Mini Index — $1.18 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
ES E-mini S&P 500
MNF E-Micro S&P Nifty Fifty
NQ E-mini Nasdaq 100
EMD E-mini S&P MidCap 400
SMC E-mini S&P SmallCap 600
XAE E-Mini S&P 500 Energy Sector
XAF E-Mini S&P 500 Financial Sector
XAV E-Mini S&P 500 HealthCare Sector
XAI E-Mini S&P 500 Industrial Sector
XAB E-Mini S&P 500 Materials Sector
XAK E-Mini S&P 500 Technology Sector
XAU E-Mini S&P 500 Utilities Sector
XAP E-Mini S&P 500 Consumer Staples Sector
XAY E-Mini S&P 500 Consumer Discretion
Currency — $1.60 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
ADAustralian Dollar
BRBrazilian Real
BPBritish Pound
CDCanadian Dollar
JYJapanese Yen
MP1Mexican Peso
NE1New Zealand
RASouth America Rand
RFEuro/CHF Futures
RURussian Ruble
SFSwiss Franc
Commodities — $2.03 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
LCLive Cattle
FCFeeder Cattle
LHLean Hogs
PBFrozen Pork Bellies
CBButter Cash Settled
DAMilk Class III
LBRandom Length Lumber
DYDry Whey
Interest Rate — $1.25 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
EM1-Month Eurodollar (LIBOR)
Nikkei - $2.28 per side, per contract
NIYNikkei 225 (YEN)
NYNikkei 225 (USD)
E-Mini Currency — $0.85 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
E7E-mini Euro FX
J7E-mini Japanese Yen
E-Micro Currency — $0.16 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
M6AE-micro AUD/USD
M6BE-micro GBP/USD
M6CE-micro USD/CAD
M6EE-micro EUR/USD
M6JE-micro USD/JPY
M6SE-micro USD/CHF

Eurex Exchange Pricing

Eurex Interest Rate — €0.20 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
FGBSEuro-Schatz Futures
FGBMEuro-Bobl Futures
FGBLEuro-Bund Futures
FGBXEuro-Buxl® Futures
FBTSShort-term Euro-BTP Futures
FBTPEuro BTP Futures
Eurex DAX — €0.50 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
FDAXDAX® Futures
Eurex Volitility Index — €0.20 per side, per contract
FVSVSTOXX Mini Futures
Eurex Equity Index — €0.30 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
FESXDJ EURO STOXX® 50 Index Futures
FSTXDJ STOXX® 50 Index Futures
F2LADJ STOXX® Large 200 Index Futures
F2MIDJ STOXX® Mid 200 Index Futures
F2SMDJ STOXX® Small 200 Index Futures
F2MXMDAX® Futures
FSTBDJ STOXX® 600 Banks Futures
FSTGDJ STOXX® 600 Industrial Goods & Services Futures
FSTIDJ STOXX® 600 Insurance Futures
FSTMDJ STOXX® 600 Media Futures
FSTZDJ STOXX® 600 Personal & Household Goods Futures
FSTVDJ STOXX® 600 Travel & Leisure Futures
FSTUDJ STOXX® 600 Utilities Futures
FTDXTecDAX Futures

Eurex LIFFEE Exchange Pricing

LIFFE Equities — €0.23 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
LZFTSE 100 Index Futures
LIFFE Commodities — £ 0.53 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
CC3London Cocoa Futures
RCLondon Robusta Coffee Futures
LIFFE Interest Rates — £ 0.28 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
LT2Three Month Euro (EURIBOR) Interest Rate Futures
LLThree Month Sterling (Short Sterling) Interest Rate Futures
LF2Three Month Euro Swiss Franc Interest Rate Futures
LIFFE Fixed Income — £ 0.23 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
LILong Gilt Futures
HMedium Gilt Futures
GShort Gilt Futures
LIFFE Fixed Income JPY — ¥ 144 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
JGBJapanese Government Bond (JGB) Futures

ICE Exchange Pricing

ICE US Currencies — $0.94 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
EOEuro-U.S. Dollar
EJEuro-Jananese Yen
GBEuro-Pounds Sterling
SYPounds Sterling-Japanese Yen
MP2British Pound-U.S. Dollar
ICE US NYBOT Softs — $2.00 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
KCCoffee "C"
SBSugar No. 11
SESugar No. 14
CTCotton No. 2
ICE US Indices — $1.35 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
DX U.S. Dollar Index
CCI Continuous Commodity Index
CR Rueters Jeffries CRB Index
ICE US Russell index — $1.14 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
RF2Russell 1000 Index (Mini Size)
TFRussell 2000 Index (Mini Size)
ICE Europe Energy — $0.82 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
BRNBrent Crude Oil
WBSWTI Light Sweet Crude Oil
UHOHeating Oil
UHURBOB Gasoline

KCBT Exchange Pricing

Commodities — $1.89 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
KWKW Wheat

NYMEX Exchange Pricing

NYMEX e_miNY Energy — $1.20 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
QME-mini Crude Oil Futures
QHE-mini Heating Oil Futures
QUE-mini Gasoline Futures
NYMEX Energy Physically Delivered — $1.45 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
CLLight Sweet Crude Oil (Physical)
NGNatural Gas (Physical)
HOHeating Oil (Physical)
RBRBOB Gasoline (Physical)
NYMEX Softs — $1.45 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
YONYMEX Sugar No. 11
NYMEX e-miNY Natural Gas — $0.50 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
QNe-miNY Natural Gas
NYMEX Metals — $1.45 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
NYMEX Uranium — $1.45 per side, per contract
Symbol Description

COMEX Exchange Pricing

COMEX e-miNY Metals — $0.75 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
QOe-miNY Gold (COMEX)
QCE-mini Copper Futures
COMEX e-miNY Silver — $0.75 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
QIe-miNY Silver (COMEX)
COMEX Metals — $1.45 per side, per contract
Symbol Description

NYSE LIFFE Exchange Pricing

Mini Metals — $0.50 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
YGE-mini Gold
YIE-mini Silver
MSCI Indices — $0.91 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
MFSmini MSCI EAFE Index Futures
MMEmini MSCI Emerging Markets Index Futures
Metals — $0.55 per side, per contract
Symbol Description
ZG100 oz. Gold
ZI5000 oz. Silver

Market Data Fees

A data fee is a flat fee charged by the exchange for streaming real-time market data to the trader. Data fees are charged on a periodic basis and varies depending on the type of exchange and type of trader. For example, data fees for the CME Globex are $85 monthly per-market for professional traders and $15 monthly per-market for non-professional traders. CLICK HERE to Learn More about CME Market Data Fees.

Exchange Group Description Monthly Fee
CME Market Data Bundle - All CME Markets $15.00 (non-pro)
  CME/Globex $5.00 (non-pro)
  CBOT/Globex $5.00 (non-pro)
  NYMEX/Globex $5.00 (non-pro)
  COMEX/Globex $5.00 (non-pro)
ICE Market Data ICE - US Exchange - TF, DX $117.00
  ICE - UK Exchange - Energies $117.00
  ICE-LIFFE Exchange - FTSE, Gilt, Short Sterling $117.00
CFE/CBOE Data CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) $13.00 (non-pro)
Foreign Exchange (Non-US) EUREX | non-pro 18.00 EUR
  Osaka - Japan (JPX) 29.00 USD
  Singapore (SGX) 80.00 USD
  Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) 67.00 USD
  Euronext Equities & Index Derivative - CAC - 40
Cash Index Data $SP500 90.00 USD
  $DOW, ^TICK, ^TRIN, ^ADV, ^DECL, NYSE Internals, Dow Jones Indexes 6.00 USD
  NASDAQ Indexes 8.00 USD
Misc Additional User | Multiple users/logins 10.00 USD

Custom Futures Pricing Proposal

Request a Custom Commission Quote or let us Beat your Current Commission Rates and find out EXACTLY how much you pay to trade futures. We will provide you an all-inclusive rate with all possible fees factored into the total - Exchange, Clearing, NFA, Platform Routing Connectivity and Commissions. Watch this short demo to see how your personal trading style (markets traded, trading volume and trading platform) impacts your commissions.

Request Commission Quote

Beat My Rates

Our custom commission quote will show you:

  • How much you pay for the contracts you trade
  • The cost of platform, data and execution
  • Your current broker’s real rates to compare and see if you qualify for savings by switching to Optimus Futures
  • View a Sample Quote

Or feel free to contact us right now at (800) 771-6748 for an instant quote.

Commission Rates above are quoted on a per-side basis for new self-directed accounts opened after March 1st, 2017, with a minimum account balance of $2,500. Commissions, Clearing, Exchange and NFA fees apply to all order types. Exchange fees and NFA fees are subject to change and can be confirmed on the exchange websites. Holding Overnight positions MAY subject you to higher rates. All commissions and fees are charged in the currency of the traded product. Please reference our Fee Schedule for additional fees that may apply to your account.

Discounted commissions are not automatically applied to any account and do not automatically adjust based on monthly volume. You must contact us to request any rate changes. No rebates will be issued for past activity. All commissions are subject to ongoing review and may be increased if clients fail to meet the volume requirements listed above.

Non-Professional Subscriber Fees. Please CLICK HERE for Important CME Market Data Changes as of March 1, 2014.

The margin rates above was drawn from sources believed to be reliable. Although it is believed that information provided is accurate, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data. For current margin rates, please visit the exchanges’ Websites listed on our Exchange Access Page. The margins listed on this page are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time without notice. Day Trading Margins may differ according to your clearing firm. Please consult your broker to confirm the current margins for your account.

Futures and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Clients may lose more than their initial investment. Past performance is not indicative of future results.