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Introducing Event Contracts

Trade Daily Futures Price Moves with Event-Based Contracts from CME Group

Event contracts are smaller-sized, daily expiring products that allow you to trade your view on whether the price of key futures markets will move up or down by the end of each day's trading session.

Equity Indices




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A whole new way to trade the futures markets

Less complex

Simply answer Yes or No to trade – Do you think the S&P 500 futures will close up or down today?

Predefined risk

The price you pay per contract is the most you can lose (or make) per trade.****Less applicable fees and commissions

Smaller sized contracts

Get access to major futures markets using smaller-value trades of up to $20 per contract.

No need to roll-over

Event contracts are short-term positions good for that trading day only and expire at market close.

Screenshot shown is for illustration purposes only.

Choose from 10 of the world’s most prominent futures markets.

Express your view on gold, oil, equity indices and foreign currencies.

Equity Indices

  • S&P 500
  • Nasdaq-100
  • Russell 2000
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average


  • WTI Crude Oil
  • Natural Gas


  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper

Foreign Currencies

  • EUR/USD (6E)

Why trade event contracts with Optimus Futures

Competitive Pricing - $0.25 commissions on event contracts.

Personalized Onboarding - We are here to guide you every step of the way, from account approvals and funding to helping you place your first trade.

Innovative Technology - Our integrated platforms are powered by fast order routing datafeeds to ensure a seamless trading experience from the moment you open your account.

Extensive Education & Training – Explore articles, self-help guides, videos, podcasts, and community topics, all created in-house to make you a more informed self-directed trader.


DISCLAIMERS: An event-based future is a contract whose payout depends on the outcome of a yes OR no proposition. This type of future typically relates to whether a particular asset’s price rises above or falls below a specified price within a certain period. Event Based Futures do not give the holder the right to buy or sell the specified asset. When an event-based Future expires, the holder receives either a pre-determined amount of cash or no payment. When you trade event-based futures, you risk the total amount you must pay for the trade and all applicable rates, such as commission, routing, clearing, and execution. For example, if you buy a contract at $5 plus all applicable fees, there is a $20 maximum payout; no matter how high or low the price, the amount credited/debited from your account is limited to $20.