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A Comprehensive Guide to Futures Trading in 2020 How to Start Trading Futures | A Beginners Guide Our Comprehensive Guide to Futures Trading provides everything you need to know about the futures market. What is futures trading? How do you trade futures? How do you select the right trading platform? Is futures better then stocks, forex and options? This guide will walk you through every step necessary to learn, test and execute your own futures trading plan. So, if you’re looking to improve your trading this year, you’ll love this new guide. Get Your Free Guide
Golden Rules for Futures Traders Golden Rules for Futures Traders How to potentially improve your trading and get the results you really want. Whether you have been trading for a month, a year or a decade, these essential golden rules should be printed and placed in front of your trading screen. No one was born a disciplined trader. If you want to make it in the hardest business in the world, you should always remind yourself of the basics. Download the Golden Rules Here. Get Your Free Guide
An Introduction to Managed Futures An Introduction to Managed Futures The Asset Class that could potentially add the missing element in your portfolio! Here at Optimus, we believe that every investor should ask themselves, "Is my portfolio designed with the potential to perform well in any type of market condition?" In our opinion the majority of the trading tools outside of Futures are geared towards long trading markets, but what happens when markets turn down? Get your information package here. Get Your Free Guide
Guide to Automated Trading Systems Don’t let Fear and Greed become your psychological disadvantage in the marketplace The Asset Class that could potentially add the missing element in your portfolio! Automated systems are "Cold" and rule based. There is no "maybe it will" and "I think it should." The reason institutions and hedge funds use algorithmic based rules to do their trading is because speed, methodology and lack of emotions in decision making is an essential component of trading. Get your free guide to Automated Trading: Why, How and Who. Get Your Free Guide
Opportunity and Risks Opportunity and Risks An educational guide to Trading Futures and Options on Futures The National Futures Association (NFA) prepared this book as part of their continuing education efforts to provide information to potential investors. The booklet provides a necessary overview of the opportunities and risks in trading futures and options on futures by presenting important information that investors need to know before they invest. Get Your Free Guide
25 Proven Strategies 25 Options Strategies Find 25 proven strategies to use in trading options on futures. Examples include butterflies, straddles, back spreads and conversions. Options on futures rank among our most versatile risk management tools, and we offer them on most of our products. Whether you trade options for purposes of hedging or speculating, you can limit your risk to the amount you paid up-front for the option while maintaining your exposure to beneficial price movements. Get Your Free Guide
The Matt Z. Trading Shows The Matt Z. Trading Show Answering all the questions you always wanted to ask about futures trading! What is the Psychology of Trading? How do you choose a Trading Platform that is ideal for you? What do you do If You Lose Connectivity While Trading? How do you Improve Speed of Execution? What is the difference between Maintenance Margins and Day Trading Margins? How to unclutter your charts? 3 Tips For Automating Your Trading. Tips for beginner traders. And more… Watch the Show
The Secrets of Success in Trading Learn Trading & Investing Secrets of Successfrom an Award Winning Options Trader! Answering all the questions you always wanted to ask about futures trading! What are the advantages and risks in trading options? What are the most effective option trading strategies? How to select trades? What is the most important component of option pricing? What is a huge part essential for successful trading? Hear Mr. Diessbacher's projections as to the exact prices where he believes the S&P 500 will not go above and below for the current two week period! Watch the Video
Additional Resources Order Entry Guide Our Futures Order Entry Guide provides an explanation of all types of futures orders, when to place them and how they are executed. Technical Analysis Terms This comprehensive list contains detailed explanations of 41 technical indicators. Trading Glossary This glossary will help you understand commonly used terms in the futures industry.