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Should you Trade based on your Intuition? Objective vs Subjective Trading


This article on Objective vs Subjective Trading is the opinion of Optimus Futures.
Objective vs Subjective Trading
A common mistake many traders often make is trying to mimic the “intuitive” trading styles of professional traders in order to achieve similar levels of success. In this article, we explain why subjective trading can be a grave and costly mistake and why objective reasoning – at every stage of your early progress in this business – is an absolute must if you wish to succeed in the long term.

Professionals’ Intuition: Subjective Trading

In our quest to debunk the myth of intuition over reasoning in trading, it is fundamental for us to first address what

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Why Trading Isn’t an Exact Science: 3 Tips to Trading Unpredictable Markets


This article on Trading Unpredictable Markets is the opinion of Optimus Futures.
trading unpredictable markets
Traders crave certain market conditions and chart setups that will yield good trade opportunities that they can string together in a neat upward trending equity curve. Instead they often get hammered with unexpected price movements and varying market conditions resulting in losses.
Below we analyze why markets exhibit a certain degree of unpredictability and what it means to you as a trader striving for consistent results.
Why Trading Isn’t an Exact Science
Mathematicians and expert quantitative traders have been trying to quantify the fickle nature of the markets in an attempt to produce the ‘holy grail’ of trading methodologies;

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How to Look Past Your Trading Biases to Uncover Potential Trading Opportunities


 This article on Trading Biases is the opinion of Optimus Futures.
How to Look Past Your Trading Biases to Uncover Potential Trading Opportunities?
Trading long or short at the desired price level is often a matter of instant execution for the average retail trader who doesn’t have access to millions in trading volume. But did you ever stop to think that every time you want to go long because the points on the chart heavily favor a long bias, someone has to be selling to allow you to enter the market? The same would be true in the opposite scenario of a really obvious short opportunity. A short that you

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Does Your Trading System Account for Different Market Conditions?


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tradiing system
Technical futures traders invest significant time and resources in crafting a reliable trading system that can help them extract consistent results from their favorite market (or markets) while continually indulging in research and development to further enhance and improve the method.
In this post, we will highlight the limitations of relying on a single trading system by looking at the recent price action on the Crude Oil and S&P500 Emini futures markets.
Your ‘Edge’ vs Your Trading System
If you happen to be actively involved in trading communities and social groups, you may have noticed that traders

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Finding the Right Balance Between Work and Trading | 6 Tips for Part Time Traders


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part time traders
In the pursuit of success at trading, traders often require full time jobs and other professional commitments to pay bills, support their learning phase and possibly take some stress and pressure off their trading. However, in doing so, it is not uncommon to find traders struggling to juggle between their work and trading commitments, often resulting in jeopardized performance at both endeavors.
Balancing full time work while striving to learn and improve as a trader simultaneously is indeed an art, but when approached thoughtfully, is a lot more achievable than many traders believe or

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