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Do Trend Following Strategies Work When Day Trading Futures?


This article on trend following strategies is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Trend following is one of the simplest and (at times) most effective strategies to follow. It’s also one of the hardest and most misunderstood approaches, despite its potential simplicity. Many traders following a trend following strategy are often confused as they don’t adequately understand the nature of the trend itself.

What Is A Trend Following Strategy And How Does It Work

We’ve all heard the maxim “the trend is your friend,” and for good reason. There’s an entire group of traders and money managers who swear by the so-called “trend-following” approach. But before we get into that, let’s first take a deeper look into the principles of trend following.


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Micro Bitcoin Futures | A Lower Cost, Regulated Way to Trade Crypto


This article on CME’s Micro Bitcoin Futures is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Micro Bitcoin Futures

Micro Bitcoin Futures are scheduled to begin on May 3, 2021. Offering a tenth of the exposure of standard bitcoin futures, Micro Bitcoin Futures may be a cost-efficient way to gain bitcoin exposure. Unlike the cryptocurrency itself, Micro Bitcoin Futures are traded in a regulated market–a potential relief to traders who feel comfortable trading in a transparent and regulated environment.

There is a Bitcoin bandwagon that’s gaining steam as new first-time passengers are rushing the doors to gain entry. There’s even star power behind the craze–Elon Musk, for example, whose

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How to Trade Micro Bitcoin Futures


The post below on Micro Bitcoin Futures is the opinion of Optimus Futures. Please note that price movements on Micro Bitcoins are driven primarily by the news and prevailing sentiment of retail speculators. These sometimes dramatic shifts can lead to massive intraday price swings, making Bitcoin Futures a product for aggressive and experienced day traders. The price we have used below may change due to the volatility of the underlying contract.

There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

How to Trade Micro Bitcoin Futures

Under the CME, Bitcoin Futures is categorized under the Equities

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Futures Trading Success Rates | How Not To Be Just Another Statistic


This article on futures trading success rates is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

futures trading success rates

The Odds, Taken At Face Value, Are Dismally NOT In Your Favor

The statistics may not yield infallible evidence, but the consistency over time makes it clear.

90% of all day traders lose money!

There are numerous variations to this statistic as there are also numerous sources.

For instance, Forbes states that 10% of day traders actually make money. Most of us already know that. Tradeciety provides clearer and more time-specific futures trading stats–namely, that 40% of all futures day traders quit in 4 months, 80%

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Is Retail Futures Trading The Same As Gambling?


This article on futures trading and gambling is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

futures trading gambling

“You can lose everything trading futures!” That is what we’ve been told. Another thing we have probably heard from skeptics: “If you’re going to lose your money, then why do it on futures when you can actually enjoy losing money slower at a casino?”. So, there you have it: the common conception that retail futures trading is tantamount to gambling. Fast money made, fast money lost.

But is it entirely true? What are the similarities and differences between a skilled gambler and a skilled futures trader? Is a long or

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