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7 Futures Trading Predictions for 2022 and the Best Futures Markets to Day Trade


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Futures Trading Outlook 2022

The pandemic has brought about several changes in the economy over the last two years. This, of course, comes with its own unique set of market opportunities and risks. As a trader, you might want to adapt your outlook and strategy to the uncertainties that such an economy might bring.

You might want to kick off 2022 with a series of questions:

How might industries, sectors, and indexes be affected by pandemic uncertainties and the likely monetary and fiscal solutions to come? Where do various markets stand with regard to valuations? What might we expect in terms of

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Crafting a Solid Futures Trading Plan For 2022 | Do THIS Before the New Year


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futures trading plan

You need a futures trading plan for 2022…yes YOU.

A recent survey of traders yielded some interesting figures:

97% of traders believe that psychology plays an important role in trading. 96% of traders believe emotions can negatively affect your trading decisions. 91% are able to recognize when emotions like fear, greed, anger, overconfidence, and lacking confidence impact your performance.

All this makes sense.

But…Only 34% have a system in place to manage those emotions.

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s

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Spotting Market Trends with Volume Profile Trading  


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Key Points:

Volume profiles are powerful analytics that display where the most and least volume occurs in a given period, identifying a value range as well as a point of control where the highest volume occurs. While market profiles look at the time spent at each price, volume profiles look at the number of contracts or shares traded. Traders use these profiles to identify areas of support and resistance, as well as spots unlikely to contain either. Common volume profile shapes include P-shape, D-shape, b-shape, and B-shape.


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Timing Entry And Exits With Divergence Trading | Plus 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid 


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As traders, we seek to maximize profits. Knowing when to enter or exit a trade, however, can be a challenge. Divergence trading can help a trader buy near the bottom and sell near the peak.

This article aims to explain what trading divergences are, how to spot them, the best indicators to guide you, along with a few key strategies you may not have considered.

Plus, we’ll lay out 7 common mistakes we see when trading divergences.

What Is A Trading Divergence?

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Footprint Charts | A Futures Trader’s Guide to Volume Analysis 


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A Futures Trader’s Guide to Volume Analysis

Key Points:

Footprint or ‘Cluster’ Charts analyze transactional volume inside a given timeframe. This analysis looks at the interaction between buyers and sellers to uncover opportunities. Footprint charts come in several flavors including bid/ask, volume profile, and delta. Strategies for trading with footprint charts include stacked imbalances, unfinished auctions, and high volume nodes. Traders can open a free account for 30-days and immediately access Optimus Flow’s numerous footprint charts and analysis tools along with unlimited simulated trades.

What is it that moves

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