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Optimus Futures was founded on one ambitious goal: help people trade better and smarter no matter what their experience level. Through objective research, discounted commissions and a wide selection of trading platforms, Optimus has helped thousands of traders begin, advance and improve their trading. The ever changing landscape of commodity futures trading can be overwhelming. This is why we believe in delivering comprehensive in-house trading resources to keep you up-to-date on the Futures Markets. Whether you are a day trader with a passion for E-minis or an institution diversifying into Managed Futures, Optimus Futures has the expertise, experience and tools to help you make trading decisions.

The Optimus Futures Blog publishes educational articles, technical platform guides as well weekly in-depth chart analysis of key commodity markets highlighting the E-Mini, Crude Oil, Gold, Euro Futures and 10-Year US Bonds Futures Market. Learn more about online futures trading, focusing on topics from choosing a futures trading platform, trading strategies and risk management.

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The Optimus Futures Trading Community helps traders learn and interact with like-minded traders on the issues that matter most to them. Participate in discussions about specific platform features, data-feeds, and the latest trading technology or just futures trading in general. Post questions and read answers from our staff, industry insiders, our network of partners and other customers. Receive real time updates regarding trading hours, margin requirements, contract expirations, last trading day notices and much more.

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Browse through hundreds of technical trading videos and learn the basics and advanced features, all categorized by our selection of platforms. The Online Tutorials are designed to get you up and trading with your platform of choice and each video is designed to familiarize you with specific features and help you master the skills needed to tap into the flexibility of options provided by Optimus Futures: Request a Free demo, test your strategy in live market conditions with fast execution and switch to a Live Account whenever you feel comfortable.

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The Optimus Futures Podcast is weekly show hosted by our President and CEO, Matt Zimberg discussing various topics related to futures trading. Matt has over 20 years of experience in the futures and commodities markets and has a deep understanding of low latency trading technologies, advanced technical analysis and methodologies and trading software development. He is also a big advocate of risk management. Listen to real, practical and implementable trading tips, ideas and strategies from experienced traders.

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