Why Intuition is Never to be Trusted by Traders – Ep 117

August 2, 2023

Trading by gut instinct seems tempting but is a path to ruin. In this episode, we dive deep into why traders must resist seductive intuition and instead cultivate intentionality.

We’ll explore how intuition is powered by biased mental shortcuts that undermine judgment. Relying on hunches encourages sloppy thinking and a lack of accountability. Intuition seeks easy answers, while trading demands hard truths.

You’ll learn that markets are too complex for basic intuition to grasp. Prices reflect countless variables beyond gut-level recognition. We’ll discuss high-profile disasters fueled by intuition gone wrong.

Discover how to override intuition with research, statistics, and defined rules for executing trades. Key strategies include creating a trading plan, setting stop losses, documenting trades, and obtaining feedback.

We’ll talk about how emotions like fear and greed amplify destructive intuition-based choices. You’ll get tips for checking emotions and making diligence a habit.

This episode will convince you why successful trading requires ignoring flashy intuition and instead committing to intentionality, discipline, and probability-based strategies. Tune in to enhance your trading mindset and results!

There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Trade only risk capital.

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