The “Just in Case” Mirage: Why Traders Should Avoid Excess Leverage – Ep 116

To be successful, traders should steer clear of using excessive leverage “just in case.” This is because it can magnify both the potential for profit and the risk of loss.

Without a solid trading plan in place, the risk of loss becomes more pronounced. Ultimately, success in trading is all about maintaining a disciplined approach, rather than relying on luck.

When we engage in “just in case” thinking, we allow our emotions to influence our decisions, which can hinder logical and effective risk management when trading futures for profit. This approach is unreliable and can result in uncontrollable outcomes, as risks are chosen impulsively rather than through a strategic plan. Although haphazard betting may yield some gains, the losses that follow can far outweigh any unearned profits.

To make the most of leverage, it’s important to follow a sensible approach. Traders can improve their skills by practicing with caution and avoiding impulsive risk-taking without proper planning and evaluation. It’s better to make conscious decisions about the risks they take, rather than letting the risks control them.

Experienced professionals understand that taking risks without a clear purpose can lead to negative outcomes. Instead, they focus on building a solid method through careful planning and setting risk limits. They prioritize steady progress over quick rewards, and make trades with a long-term perspective, considering probability rather than relying on sudden strokes of luck that can quickly disappear.
Having control is essential for being flexible. The belief that we can plan for every possible scenario, also known as “just in case,” is misleading. It can result in poor decision-making and a cycle of chasing losses from one bad choice to another. True success is achieved through evaluation, adjustment, and learning from failures while planning for the future.

There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Trade only risk capital.

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