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dxFeed’s market data fully integrates with Optimus Flow to provide day traders with fast execution and high-quality data for their charts and DOM.

Traders who use order-flow can get accurate data from the exchanges via dxFeed and build methods using the platform’s volume analysis tools.

dxFeed powers Optimus Flow with:

  • Real-time and historical market data for futures markets
  • Top of Book Data (Real-time and historical Best Bid, Offer and Last Sale market data, known as Level 1)
  • Full Market Depth

Optimus Flow has a full suite of tools for volume and profile traders: VWAP, Market Delta, Imbalances, Heatmap and Time Statistics.

Fuel these features with the dxFeed data and test your futures trading strategy with simulated trades whenever you need to rewrite, adjust, or create a new method.

Traders can subscribe to a single market or save costs by buying data packages. Prices start from $19 per month for dxFeed. Optimus Flow is free for Optimus Futures customers.

Why dxFeed?

  • For traders that require lengthy accurate tick data for trade analysis.
  • For beginners who are learning to trade but need real live data on their platform without opening a live account.
  • For Options Traders that need to access theoretical Option prices, Greeks, and Volatilities.

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About dxFeed

dxFeed is a technology solution that provides accurate real-time market data for exchanges and other financial data sources worldwide, running on robust open infrastructure and backed by 24×7×365 support. dxFeed platform provides a functional layer on top of low latency consolidated data feed in a resilient setup.

dxFeed feed handlers are connected directly to the market data sources. Their proven data collection and delivery systems are designed to enable failsafe delivery of high-quality information to clients where and when they need it, 24×7.

dxFeed Market Data Connectivity

dxFeed market delivery data network is a global set of servers that are hosted in primary locations and are connected to exchanges. All dxFeed clients get access to the network to receive market data.

dxFeed market data delivery network highlights:

  • 99.98% uptime
  • 200k end-clients
  • More than 1.7 million instruments
  • Throughput up to 10,000,000 messages per second
  • Support 24×7

dxFeed customers can choose data connection setup that best suits their needs:

  • Flexible redundancy setups
  • Choice of connectivity: Internet or colocation
  • Diverse points of presence
  • No dedicated hardware required
  • Failsafe and resilient facilities