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Comprehensive Global Market Information

  • Our trading software provides access to reliable, fast, streaming, real-time quotes
  • U.S., Canada, South America, including the CME Globex and E-minis, CBOT Mini-Sized Futures and NYMEX miNYs, NYSE Liffe, COMEX, U.S. regionals
  • Europe and Asia, including EUREX, the LME, SGX Derivatives, Hong Kong Futures Exchange and ICE Future

Unparalleled charting, technical analysis, and back testing tools

  • Daily and intraday trading with a library of technical indicators and availability of 120 days to several decades of intraday data
  • U.S. and international continuous contracts with intuitive symbol format
  • Ability to view spreads and Contract Highs and Lows in a Watch List or any type of chart
  • Fast Market Indicator for spotting overly busy markets
  • Our trading software comes with the Trade Sense coding language for creating and modifying your market strategies and receiving alerts on them
  • Market Profile available
  • Forward Curve and Seasonal charts available
  • Tick-based, volume-based, and price-change-based data
  • Volume Delta charts