ADM Investor Services, Inc. (ADMIS) Review 2019

ADM Investor Services, Inc. (ADMIS) Review 2019

As an Introducing Broker to multiple FCM’s (Futures Commission Merchant), we are always working to match self-directed traders with the right clearing firm based on their level of funding, account type, margin and platform requirements. This blog post reviews ADM Investor Services (ADMIS) and how our clearing arrangement with them excels in the areas of service that matters most to futures traders.

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Quick Facts:

  • $485 million + In capital as of (as of Jan 31, 2019)
  • $5.2 billion+ In segregated funds as of Jan 31, 2019 (including all international offices). 
  • 50+ years Of industry leadership in the futures brokerage industry

Note: Updated Jan 31, 2019

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ADMIS Background

ADM Investor Services, Inc. (“ADMIS”) has been a leader in the futures brokerage industry for more than 50 years and are headquartered in the historic Chicago Board of Trade Building in Chicago, Illinois. They are a registered Futures Commission Merchant that services retail, commercial and institutional clients by providing swift and accurate trade execution, expert market research and exceptional customer service through a network of Introducing Brokers like Optimus Futures. ADMIS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM).

We recommend ADMIS to traders looking for:

Rithmic/CQG/CTS/TT based execution for Active Self-Directed Accounts, Managed Futures, Cross-Margin Based Accounts and Broker Assisted Trading. Also, ADMIS maintains its own OAK trading system which is geared towards hedgers, trend traders, and Options traders.

As a self-directed trader, you can establish an account with one of the most capitalized firms in the industry with as little as $10K, with the peace of mind that ADMIS’ history of corporate responsibility and risk management places a high emphasis on customer’s safety of funds.

CTA and Friends & Family Traders: One of the main advantages that ADMIS offers is financial stability. If you are a CTA or manage large pools of capital, your customers would love to know that their funds are held in an FCM whose top priority is to protect its capital and maintain large reserves of cash.  Additionally, the ADMIS back office is an immaculate staff of professionals that utilizes both automation and human efforts to provide an organized back office for allocation, give up and other services that licensed and unlicensed professionals need when handling several accounts.

Hedgers: Whether you hedge grains, oil or metal, ADMIS puts emphasis on execution, allocation, and reporting.  ADMIS services some of the largest grain operators, metal importers/exporters and anyone who has exposure to currencies and interest rates. Competitive rates, technology and reporting systems that would satisfy any financial officer who needs to look at daily, weekly and monthly activity.

ADMIS Key Facts:

Trading Platforms:  ADMIS provides universal access to all trading platforms that route over Rithmic and CQG Datafeed (Sierra Chart, MultiCharts, R | Trader Pro, CQG). CLICK HERE to view a full list of platforms available from ADMIS.

Supported Datafeeds: Rithmic, TT (Trading Technologies), CQG, CTS, OAK, and eSignal.

Margins: ADMIS offers 50% Day Trading Margins on most liquid futures contracts. However, qualified clients could receive less based on very specific criteria.

Free Market Research and Analysis

This is an area where ADMIS truly shines. ADMIS contracts with some of the top consultants in the futures industry to provide our clients with the most comprehensive market analyses available. They work extensively with The Hightower Group, which means all Optimus Futures customers clearing through ADMIS receive daily and weekly analysis of all US financial and commodity markets along with Special Situation reports. We are also proud to offer no-cost access into The Hightower Group’s online Historical Chart Library, a valuable resource for trading strategies, trends and market information for all futures contracts, utilizing Moore Research for all of the Seasonal Charts provided to institutional clients.

ADMIS also has direct relationships with some of the most trusted weather analysts in the futures business and incorporates their expert recommendations into our analyses. Clients access a large database of weather charts and trends through our secured and exclusive Client Login section on Optimus Futures site.

24/7 Support

ADMIS has 24 Hour Trade Execution team that provides our clients with:

  • 24-hour support for traders executing sophisticated orders
  • Technical backup for multiple order entry platforms
  • Experienced and knowledgeable back office personnel
  • Clearing, Give-Ups and allocation services
  • Prompt give-up documentation service and circulation

Exchange Access and Clearing Memberships

  • CME Group, Inc.,
  • ICE Futures US,
  • ICE Futures Canada,
  • ICE Futures Europe,
  • Minneapolis Grain Exchange,
  • OneChicago,
  • Dubai Mercantile Exchange,
  • CBOE Futures Exchange
  • Nodal Exchange
  • London Metal Exchange

Online Client Portal

Secure, timely and accurate information is available through their innovative Member Site where a client can access their daily equity run, statement, preliminary report, and market research, as well as our proprietary margin calculation tool.  Many reports are interactive and customizable for easy export to Excel.

  1. All reports are net of commissions and include updates to your liquid value and margin excess
  2. Open positions are highlighted
  3.  a user can view the individual positions rather than the summarized/grouped net position. The net totals of the open position will appear in bold below the individual positions.
  4. If trades are made in foreign Currencies, a user can filter the search by Currency.
  5. Print and Excel capabilities
  6. Generate daily, monthly and 1099 report (P&L for the year).
  7. If you carry multiple accounts, you can view each account individually
  8. The DATAVIEWER section is a tool used to monitor monetary data as well as position data. With this section, users can quickly view Margin Calls/Deficits and real time Margin Deposits/transfers. Users can also monitor positions, open orders, expiring futures and option assignments
  9. Display deposits and transfers made through the Cash Manager section
  10. Select the Expiring Futures option from the DATAVIEWER section to monitor first notice date and last trade date
  11. Select the Option Assignments option from the DATAVIEWER section to monitor which options have been assigned
  12. RESEARCH page will provide access to all of our ADMIS and HIGHTOWER research reports
  13. BACK OFFICE section is a tool used to access important information related to various ADMIS clearing operations. ADMIS department contact information, forms and other helpful notices are available in the BACK OFFICE section

The Bottom Line

Our tight-knit integration with ADM Investor Services’ back office is able to provide quality customer service with a personal approach to each client, all backed by a highly capitalized FCM and free trading advice from some of the most well respected independent research analysts in the industry. Leverage our knowledge, resources, and the network of relationships to enhance your futures trading experience.

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