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Firetip is the complete trading solution for the professional trader

  • Direct Market Order Routing
  • Unfiltered Market Data
  • Advanced Analytics


Firetip is a full featured professional-grade futures trading platform for traders that demand reliability and high performance. Firetip is designed to be intuitive and easy to learn with direct market access, charting, news, account details and statements all at your fingertips.

FireTip is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Apple iOS (iPhone or iPad), Android (Phone or Tablet), or use Firetip Web to trade using any browser, anywhere in the world!

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Essential Features

Desktop, Web, & Mobile Applications

Firetip operates seamlessly between three flagship applications. Set up your trades and manage/monitor them on the go from anywhere using the same log in and password for convenient access.

Automated Strategies

Save custom order types & strategies, and deploy them when you wish.

Native Connectivity

Direct Market Order Routing ensures seamless integration from your screen to the exchanges.

Fast, unfiltered Market Data

Firetip provides unfiltered tick data from collocated servers. This allows traders to subscribe to any futures instrument & see exactly what the markets are doing without compromise.

One-Click & Trading

Initiate & modify orders with one click, ensuring the speed you need in today’s trading environment.


Set email or text alerts with customizable parameters, such as fills, price action, bid size etc.

Desktop, Web and Mobile Applications

Automated Strategies

Firetip Mobile

Fast and Intuitive

Firetip Mobile is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Pull up a quote, check on a trade, or place an order in seconds without fuss or delays.

Depth of Market Trader

See the market three levels deep! Firetip Mobile provides up to 3 levels of depth in its Trader window. Watch the market dynamically change prices on your mobile device. Click and trade from the screen!

Real-Time Account Information

Your account information in your hands Real-time cash balances, margins, trades, and orders.

Native architecture

Firetip Mobile is created to natively operate on your mobile device. This provides the highest level of responsiveness and reliability. It is packaged and available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry.

Firetip Web

A trading platform that runs on any browser, from anywhere in the world.

Trade on the web

Trade from anywhere you can access a browser. Fully integrates with Firetip mobile and Firetip desktop.

Real time information

Real-time information on demand. See all of your positions, trades, cash balances, and margin requirements in real time.


Customize Firetip Web to incorporate features for your trading — news, research, account details, and other reports.

Advanced Trader

The Advanced Trader enables you to watch the market dynamics and trade with our customized “One Click Trading” technology. You can get quotes, watch market movement, trade and view your positions for individual markets, all from the Advanced Trader window. Control your trades simply and nearly instantaneously from the Advanced Trader.


  • Change working orders by click-and-dragging the order to the new desired price.
  • Liquidate (go flat) on all positions with one click.
  • Reverse positions with a single click.
  • With one click, cancel all pending orders.
  • Place limit or stop orders just by clicking on the desired price of the market you’re viewing.
  • View all bid and ask prices levels above and below the current market price.
Advanced Trader

Firetip Charting

Firetip’s powerful charts provide numerous indicators and charting capabilities, along with the ability to trade and monitor your positions from the chart itself. Add the custom trend lines and pointers that support and define your individual trading strategy.


  • Keep your trading dashboard clear by adding additional charts as tabs in your chart window.
  • Create your own spread charts; you can specify the rations or use the system defaults.
  • Choose from several different chart types including Line, Bar, T-Chart and Candlestick.
  • Charts are completely customizable, from the background, to text and pointers colors.
  • Target contract entry and exit points with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Our advanced charting capabilities help keep you on the right track by automatically placing the correct order types when you trade from the charts.
  • Take advantage of our 32 different built-in indicators.

Bracket Orders

Place your entry order and a contingent stop and limit order with one click. Simply create your “Bracket Strategy” (identifying the profit and loss objectives), enable it and then place your trade!

  • Define your trading strategy and set it to run automatically
  • Place contingency orders with one click from the Advanced Trader
  • Multiple Bracket Orders, including Simple Bracket, OCO, OTO & more
  • Designed for novice to advanced traders
Bracket Orders

Trading Matrix

Trading Matrix

Select, track, and trade contracts on your personal, up-to-the-second trading dashboard.

  • Organize and track the markets you’re interested in watching
  • Advanced charting and market depth analysis – only a click away
  • Enable One-Click trading for ultimate trading control

Preset Strategies

Strategies are preset bracket orders that allow you to specify and save profit/loss targets. So just enable your strategies & the next time you trade, Firetip will do the rest.

  • Create multiple strategies
  • Set strategies for specific markets
Preset Strategies



Set alerts to notify you of specific market conditions.

  • Receive notifications via text, email, or alarm.
  • Set alerts for a variety of markets
  • Alert parameters may include last price, last bid price, change on the day & others.