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TTNET Global Distribution Network

TT's fully managed hosting solution for FCMs, trading firms, banks and other institutions that prefer an outsourced solution

Easily distribute trading screens around the world from TTNET hubs in Chicago, New Jersey, São Paulo, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. Specially trained technicians handle all responsibilities of network administration, hardware configuration, infrastructure maintenance, data line management, upgrades, backups, security and user support. Leverage TT’s vast experience and efficient IT practices to achieve superior availability, security and support so you can focus on trading.

Immediate, scalable, seamless global market access
TTNET allows you to quickly deploy X_TRADER® and X_TRADER Pro worldwide using Internet and private lines. TTNET provides its customers with cost-effective Metro Ethernet connectivity in the Americas, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. The seamless architecture is fully redundant and highly scalable up to hundreds of servers, allowing you to roll out installations in customer-driven phases and quickly add new traders in various locations as your needs dictate. By going through TT’s existing network, you avoid lengthy, disruptive and expensive implementations and take advantage of shared, high-capacity exchange and global inter-datacenter backbone circuits, saving you the considerable time and cost of ordering your own exchange and backbone lines. And since these lines are already in place, there is no waiting for exchange and backbone line installation.

Maximum speed, unparalleled redundancy and disaster recovery
TTNET delivers maximum uptime through fast, highly resilient and fully redundant connections to the world's top futures exchanges through shared facilities in the Americas, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. Built on a multi-gigabit fiber optic backbone, TTNET provides complete datacenter failover as well as intrasite redundancy of market data.

TTNET utilizes a fully redundant, partial mesh cross-connect architecture that can survive dual and often even triple failures, providing higher availability and performance. Hosting at a TTNET data center provides your algorithmic orders exceptionally fast access to the exchanges’ electronic matching engines. TT's network is facilitated by TTNET's extensive global presence and state-of-the-art network operation centers (NOCs). Leading-edge monitoring techniques ensure early detection and prevention of outages. Sizable investments have been made in location and connectivity diversity to provide the most stable, available and disaster-resistant exchange connections possible. TTNET customer equipment is refreshed periodically to ensure you have the latest high-spec, high-performance hardware.

Cost-effective solution, greater operational freedom
TTNET allows you to outsource 24/7 network monitoring, maintenance support and security to TT’s industry leading specialists so that you can focus your critical resources on core business functions. It eliminates the need for capital expenditures to pay for additional space requirements, expensive build-outs and in-house IT infrastructure while ensuring your network is always running on the highest quality hardware. You make monthly payments for service without the large up-front investment in servers, routers and other networking equipment and software. By outsourcing to TT, more of your management time can be spent growing and improving the profitability of your trading operations.

Backed by the industry leader
TT staffs its NOCs with top IT professionals and network engineers. Their experience with TT software and exchange connectivity ensures maximum uptime. Qualified TT technicians perform all required system maintenance and upgrades, freeing up your IT organization to focus on its core areas of expertise.

Benefits of TTNET™

  • Global presence: Offer customers remote connectivity from practically any city in the world
  • Operational freedom: Outsource hardware, software and data line management and focus critical resources on core business functions
  • Optimal performance: TT staffs its network operations centers with top IT professionals and network engineers
  • Financial flexibility: Reduce fixed costs and lower overall expenditures for hardware, applications and management
  • Network redundancy and resiliency: Access a fast, highly resilient and redundant network with state-of-the-art monitoring
  • Round-the-clock network maintenance: Get 24/7 maintenance of hardware, software and data lines by qualified TT technicians
  • Speed to market: Get Internet customers up and running on TT software within hours


Some of the largest financial institutions in the world entrust their trading networks to TT. The companies listed below utilize TTNET’s fully managed hosting solution to access the global derivatives markets. TTNET provides many benefits including immediate, scalable, seamless global market access…maximum speed, unparalleled redundancy and disaster recovery…cost-efficiencies and greater operational freedom…and round-the-clock network monitoring and maintenance by highly qualified TT technicians. When you trade through one of these firms, you gain the benefits of TTNET too.

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Bank of America Merrill Lynch

BNP Paribas

Credit Suisse


Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd

Deutsche Bank


GH Financials

Goldman Sachs


J.P. Morgan

Macquarie Group

Mizuho Securities

Morgan Stanley


Nissan Century Securities

Rosenthal Collins


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