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CQG Speed


DOM Trader


The look of the CQG Trader is customizable. Eight different color themes for backgrounds and fonts are available. CQG Trader has buy and sell columns, a depth of market column, and a setting to have the last four trades marked next to the price by a marker that varies in size. The marker is the largest for the last trade and the smallest for the oldest trade back. The current and largest marker is an up triangle if the last trade was executed at the offer or a down triangle if the last trade was executed at the bid.

Customizable Display

Choose to display the buy, sell at the market buttons, inside market buttons, quantity, and cancel order buttons. The cancel order buttons include canceling bids or offers, all orders posted, or liquidate all positions and cancel open orders. While in a position, you have a choice of the account equity calculated based on open trade equity, or open trade equity and realized profit/losses.

Professional Tools: Customizable Trading Applications

  • DOM Trader®: Provides market transparency and intermarket and multi-market trading.
  • rder Ticket: Includes buy and sell buttons and enhanced visibility of the net change and volume.
  • Quote Board: Displays open, high, low, and close values.

Orders and Reports: The Orders and Reports window displays:

  • Account summary
  • Parked orders
  • Cancelled orders
  • Purchases
  • Exceptions
  • Sales
  • Filled orders
  • Working orders
  • Open positions

Real-Time Market Releases

With news feeds in CQG Trader, customers can track market-moving events.

  • This cutting-edge feature displays headlines with varying font sizes, highlighting the most current news releases.
  • Keyword search allows traders to browse news releases based on their trading needs.
  • Traders can adjust CQG News preferences to display the story pane, timeline, and recent headlines in scroll mode; to adjust color schemes; and to highlight keyword searches.

Available Services Dow Jones Newswires

  • FastMarkets News
  • The Hightower Report
  • MarketG2 News
  • Market News International
  • Need to Know News

Additional Features

DOM ladder compression is available for thinly-traded electronic markets.

Fills executed outside the CQG Hosted Exchange Gateways, such as pit trades, can be entered in the Orders and Reports window.

Net open trade equity for related futures and options positions can be displayed.

CQG supports these order types and durations:

  • Bracket
  • Order-cancels-order
  • Day
  • Stop
  • Fill and kill
  • Stop limit
  • Fill or kill
  • Trailing stop
  • Good-till-cancelled
  • Trailing stop limit
  • Manual fills


Trading is a universal passion. Non- English speakers can take advantage of using trading applications in their languages.

Available Languages

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Turkish