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Guided Futures Trading

Guided Trading:​ Optimus takes pride in its technology and execution, but we also cater to traders who want to participate in the futures market but lack the time to monitor the markets or formulate and implement their own trading plan.  Our guided trading solutions cover Automated Trading Solutions, Managed Futures handled by professional commodity trading advisors (CTA’s) and World Cup Advisors.

Our guided futures trading can help you find a trading program to match your risk capital, time horizon, markets traded and/or any other variable that is important to you.Furthermore, you can also supplement your active self-directed trading side by side with one of our guided programs in order to diversify your portfolio risk.

Automated Trading Systems:The growth of algorithmic trading has expanded into the institutional world because the speed of execution of any given methodology has become a top most priority. Automation also enforces discipline, where every trade, regardless of consecutive losing and / or winning streaks, will continue to trade a pre-defined methodology, bypassing the emotional capital that accompanies self-directed accounts.

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Managed Futures: Managed Futures growth has become exponential in the last few decades. While only a mere $10.5 billion in 1990, today the industry is over $300 Billion. This growth is a reflection of the flexibility to benefit from rising and falling markets, liquidity, and the variety of markets that a Commodity Trading Advisor can tap into such as currencies, stock indices, treasuries including but not limited to meats, grains etc. (There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results)

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Follow Successful Traders: You can follow any of our advisors’ accounts automatically in your own account with AutoTrade service. If your advisor buys one E-mini S&P contract in his account, you automatically buy one E-mini S&P contract in your account at the same time. If your fill price is not equal to or better than the advisor’s fill price, the trade is commission free from your authorized broker.

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