Broker Assisted Service

The objective of our Broker Assisted Service is to make your commodity investment experience rewarding, well planned and efficient.

If you want a traditional, personalized and long-term relationship with a broker, this program is for you. Broker Assisted Accounts are geared towards getting to know you, helping you research and monitor the markets, and placing orders in your best interests. Our executives will gladly teach you how to take advantage of every possible market scenario - whether it’s currently up or down.

Feel free to discuss your futures trading ideas with your Optimus broker. Our futures brokerage can objectively evaluate your ideas and coach you on how to best implement them. Using our guided trading management plan, we'll help you place predetermined stop losses to maximize the profit out of any trade (The use of stop-loss orders or contingent orders may not protect your profits or limit your losses to the intended amount. Certain market conditions may make it difficult or impossible to execute such orders.)

Our company can also help you place contingency orders to accommodate your style. Providing fast and accurate fills, charts and up-to-the-minute research, Optimus will aid you in making your trading experience easy and efficient.

5 Ways to be the Best Broker for You:

  1. Understanding you. Your unique situation deserves a unique balance of risk and reward to help you sleep well at night and achieve your trading goals. The foundation of our company is understanding what you want and then helping you make the right choices to carry them out.
  2. Prioritizing what’s important to you. Experienced traders know that risk and reward is a game of tug-of-war. We work with you to identify the right products and services that help you achieve a balance within your comfort level; then leverage those tools to their maximum capability.
  3. Providing sound advice. Our trained brokers have helped thousands of investors make better investment decisions. Through an objective, systematic and disciplined approach, we spent the time to research, analyze and deliver advice that is right for you. (There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results).
  4. Carrying out your choices. No one knows you like you, so carrying out your choices with swift and dependable execution is how we help you implement the best choices for you.
  5. Delivering Timely Research. When the closing bell rings, one thing matters: your knowledge. Being a good broker means helping you get a better source of news compiled in a precise manner and delivered by industry professionals.