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Introducing OTG Mobile Trader

futures trading on the go

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  • What kind of user am I?
  • "Non-Professional User" shall mean a natural person, who is using any of the market data in a personal capacity, as neither a principal, officer, partner, employee or agent of any business, nor on behalf of any individual. It is a person who obtains information for his/her own investment purposes and not for any business purposes. The person is not registered or qualified with any securities exchange, association or any commodities or futures contract market or association;

    "Professional User" shall mean a natural person, who is using any of the market data in a professional capacity, as a principal, officer, partner, employee or agent of any business for any business purpose, including, without limitation, a person registered or qualified with any securities exchange or association or any commodities or futures contract market or association;

OTG MOBILE TRADER is a mobile trading app for Apple and/or Android devices specifically tailored to the needs of futures traders. OTG MOBILE TRADER seamlessly integrates with Rithmic's data feed to offer real-time streaming quotes, advanced order entry, position management capabilities, news, advanced charting and detailed account activity. Employing an intuitive and easy-to-use design, OTG Mobile Trader was developed based on feedback from professional traders to deliver reliability, accuracy, usability and stable performance.

Further, this application offers you the balance between trading with one tap, in-depth customizations for your trading actions, quick account switching for multiple account users, applying filters and using simple gestures to show or hide details on any item in your portfolio. Real-time notifications provide instant feedback during your trading session.

Sign-up now for a FREE 30-day futures trading demo account
OTG Mobile Trader offers a FREE demo, so why not try it out today? Request a free demo HERE or search for OTG Mobile Trader from your device’s app store and explore the powerful features of OTG Mobile Trader.

Quotes Monitor

Offers a highly customizable quote montage that provides detailed quote information organized into multiple pages with user-defined titles.


Stream in real-time using scalable vector graphics (SVG) to offer a new level of user interactivity via a wide selection of tools, settings and programmable indicators.

Price Ladder

Offers a real-time market depth view that highlights your relevant portfolio data in an interactive fashion

Options Chain

Display all the options for any futures contract with the ability to trade individual options directly from the module.

Price Alarms

Can be set on any quote with various conditions and alerting modes. Real-time news from Dow Jones, Reuters and LaSalle Street comes with advanced search capabilities, related linkage and a context-based coloring scheme.

Block Trades

Module provides you real time trading information to monitor contracts, quantities and prices traded by others.

Use Rithmic’s live market data to monitor your account and execute trades that work seamlessly with your Optimus account and OTG Mobile Trader

How Do I Get Started?

After you request a demo by filling out the form, you will receive a username and password in your email that you can use to login to OTG Mobile Trader. When you open OTG Mobile Trader in your device, enter this username and password. If you are on a demo account, please make sure you have the Paper Trading button toggled ON. You will now be able to place trades to a Simulated Account within OTG Mobile Trader.

If you would like to place trades to your live Rithmic account, you need to subscribe to the OTG Mobile App. Please contact for information on how to get started. Once we set you up with real live credentials for the OTG Mobile app, please go to General > Order Entry Login. Here you can enter your new Rithmic username and password and select "Rithmic01" to activate live trading.

All your important information will now be available real time via the notification center. You can monitor and manage your trading account from anywhere with OTG Mobile Trader. Save your Settings at your office or at home and seamlessly continue working on the road.

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