Ritmic ™
  • Is Millisecond Execution enough for your trading?
  • Do you think Unfiltered Data would make a difference?
  • Should Stability be a given?

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NinjaTrader ®

Explore the Infinite possibilities of Automated Trading Systems.

  • Trade a single algorithm, or any of the thousands of possible combinations of trading systems
  • Gain access to sophisticated trading algorithms
  • Tools to monitor and analyze the performance of hundreds of automated trading strategies.
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  • Free Chart Trader
  • 10 Levels Deep – Bid/Ask
  • Free DOM – Bracket Orders
  • Server-Side OCOs
  • Free Automated Trading
  • Exotic Order Types
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Sierra Chart

SierraChart+Rithmic =
Awesome Back Fill Historical Data!

  • Simple, Efficient and Customizable
  • Oh.....If you think VWAP rhymes with VPOC

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If you have a dream: OCO orders on A Server.
Stop Dreaming. R|Trader has it!

  • Time Sensitive Orders, Immaculate Risk Management Tools, and Orders Organized by many categories.
  • Use it on It’s Own or with conjunction with any
    platform that uses the Rithmic Feed.
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Experience Counts. Results Matter.

Years ago, we founded Optimus Trading Group on one ambitious goal: help people trade better no matter what their experience level. Through objective research, advanced yet easy-to-use tools, and long-term Managed Futures accounts, Optimus has helped hundreds of traders begin, advance and improve their trading.

Many Choices, You Choose One Right for You.

The ever changing landscape of commodity futures trading can be overwhelming. This is why we believe in delivering comprehensive trading offerings alongside an array of resources to help you identify and invest in the right choice for you.

Whether you are a day trader with a passion for E-minis or an institution diversifying into Managed Futures, Optimus Trading Group has the expertise, experience and tools to help you make trading decisions.

Objective, Systematic, Disciplined.

Serious results requires a serious strategy. As investors ourselves, we believe that a sound strategy requires an objective, systematic and disciplined approach to rely less on luck as a factor in your success.

With our expertise and advanced tools, new and experienced investors count on us to help them pick the right battles and execute their trades with speed and precision.