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Automated Trading Systems

Automated System Trading Execution

To be an informative futures trader, you have to understand market trends - both past and present, know all the factors that affect the markets, and follow long term and short term price shifts caused by technical or fundamental news. This is not an easy task.

Some traders choose to dedicate their lives to studying the market cycles, fundamental and/or technical approaches while focusing on academic areas of trading like Behavioral Finance.

However, some choose to participate in the future markets via more passive approaches such as automated futures trading solutions.

With Optimus Automated System Trading Accounts, you can let a fully automated trading system, developed by an algorithmic futures trader, auto trade directly to your account.

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What exactly is an automated trading system?

A trading system is a computer program that follows a given market algorithm for you, every minute of the day. This program is designed to look for trends, analyze data, and then apply specific mathematical and/or technical formulas. Then it generates signals - or buy and sell orders - that if followed exactly, whether to go long or short the market.

How are futures trading signals received and executed?

Buy and sell orders for the automated futures trading systems are executed via our automated computer software residing on a server to have low latency in execution. The systems do report latency, along with many other stats that may be of high interest before you take an informative decision on whether to proceed with this service.

What are the benefits of systems trading?

  • SAVE TIME: When your trades are automatically executed, you don't have to spend any more time studying charts, formulating trading strategies, and placing orders. You can still get the benefits of diversifying your portfolio, and spend your time attending to the other priorities in your life.
  • ELIMINATE STRESS: When you are making your own trading decisions, it is easy to be swayed by fear, greed and other emotional biases that may cloud your judgment. With an automated trading system, you will be taking a disciplined, unemotional and studied approach to trading.
  • PERFORMANCE: Trading systems can help you meet your investment objectives, since all of your decisions are based on formulas developed by an experienced trader.
  • SAVE MONEY: When following a trading system, you don't have to subscribe to a costly market quote or data feed, or have a robust computer to handle trading software. In addition, our fees are very reasonable, and can be deducted from your account. You should be aware that there is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading.
  • REPORTING RESULTS: Each system performance is available upon request. However, you MUST read the hypothetical disclaimer that is presented with each system. If you are missing a hypothetical disclaimer you please let us know ASAP. The hypothetical disclaimer should contain all the risk associated with trading automation, plus the material assumption taken while constructing the report. This would include Slippage/commissions and the cost of the system that could have an impact on the performance of the system. Upon looking at the result, you may want to consider is such programs are suitable for your risk capital and risk tolerance.

    There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Optimus will help you find the system that best fits your specific needs, taking into account your overall investment objectives, your risk tolerance, your trading time horizon, and the amount of risk capital you can invest.

If you need to speak with someone who can help you make this choice, call us toll-free at 1.800.771.6748.

This is an easy solution that takes the burden out of executing you own trades.

You can allow Optimus to execute all of the trades recommended to you by your trading system. All you have to do is sit back and watch your system work for you!

System Trading/Algorithmic Design, Solution and Implementation

No time to trade your method?

We could help you design a system based on your methodology, risk parameters and risk capital. We work with a number of programmers with expertise in Genesis Trade Navigator, Trade Station, and Traders Studio. Also, we could design programmers in C++, C # NinjaTrader Multicharts, and other programming languages.

Optimus Futures has access to the expert trading developers and programmers who can turn your ideas into automated trading methods. Also, if you are system vendor looking for system execution for your clients, you can use us for proper execution and tracking while providing superior customer service.