Futures Trading Costs Explained: Data and Execution

Futures trading costs

Besides finding a good methodology, there is the cost of commissions, platforms, and quotes which could be quite a burden on the account as far as cost. So here some of the ways to save on execution, platform, and other trading-related expenses:

1) If you are using an analytic charting and trading tool and pay the subscription for it, you might not need a platform that requires charting.  Why get futures and commodities charting twice and get charged for

Many platforms are free that don’t require fees at all.

Try Rithmic R-Trader if you are an E-mini SP trader and require fast execution. Keep in mind that the exchange charges trading technology companies for


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E-mini Day Trading – What Do Traders Overlook?

The Six Important Elements if E-mini S&P Trading

Trading the E-mini S&P Strategies requires a methodology to trade successfully, but there are other elements and factors that traders should not overlook. These are not features that would help you choose a direction nor do they assure any success, but if you adhere to these rules, it will help you choose a methodology suitable for you. THERE IS A SUBSTANTIAL RISK OF LOSS IN FUTURES TRADING.

1)      Decide which time of the day you want to trade. Some traders trade during the first one hour or two of the early session. Some feel that gives them a better chance as oppose to day trading the whole day.  In the early morning session, you will find there is more liquidity due to institutional flow, as oppose to more retail flow that could dominate in the afternoon hours.

2)      Price Feed-here is what


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Emini S&P Futures Contract – Day Trading Margins

Emini S&P Futures Contract – Day Trading Margins

Optimus Futures provides $500-day Futures trading margins for the Emini S&P which is one of the sought-after instruments by day traders. Please call us to inquire about Emini SP Trading 800 771 6748 email: General@optimusfutures.com 

Each Futures Clearing Merchant makes their own day trading margins for the ES contract. Also, you must know the specific cut-off time for day trading margins.   Overnight margins for the ES contact are determined by the exchange and as such are nonnegotiable. Please refer to this link ES Contract margins for overnight : ES Margins

However, we also want you to understand the risk and reward associated with futures trading and the risk you face utilizing such leverage.

Essentially, a trader with $5K, could trade up to 10 contracts (not a recommendation , the number of contracts is for illustration only). Let’s do the math: if


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