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Beyond Candlestick Patterns: Price Action Insights


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Candlestick Patterns

The basics of price action dynamics for the most part boil down to chart and candlestick patterns and their precise appearance and locations, making them high probability trade entry targets.

However, as you evolve as a trader and develop a deeper understanding of price action and order flow dynamics, it may be worthwhile to explore the world of price action beyond just the basics of candlestick patterns and chart patterns. Namely, going back into the actual information that most of these setups dispel and how the same information can be used in your analysis without having to rely on the printing of an obvious looking pin bar to enter a trade.

Let’s go over two concrete examples of

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5 Tricks to Master Futures Day Trading


This article on 5 Tricks to Master Day Trading is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Five Tricks to Master Day Trading

Unlike swing or long-term trading, day trading Futures as a style is very unique and requires a particular mindset and approach to be able to find success.

Taking a larger number of future trades relative to swing or longer term trading sounds like an exciting prospect for newer traders but it may also be the fastest way to lose your capital if you don’t know what you’re doing. Below we outline 5 key aspects you must consider if you wish to succeed and be potentially profitable as a day trader.

1: Sound Knowledge of Your Market

Our very first section here could

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How to Select the Right Technical Indicators


This article on How to Select the Right Technical Indicators is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Most traders’ endeavors and their learning curves involve at least a few periods where they have been obsessed with technical indicators. It is a rather intuitive and natural progression, albeit a potentially costly one. As technical traders explore the realms of technical analysis, the fine line between having enough indicators that aid in decision making versus having far too many can often be unintentionally crossed.

While trading naked charts (i.e. without indicators) is not always advisable for newer traders who can benefit from following some of the useful technical indicators, it is perhaps just as ineffective by polluting your charts with multiple indicators that erode the

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Breakouts vs Fakeouts: How to Tell the Difference


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Breakouts vs Fakeouts Hero

Most traders have experienced that moment in their trading career where an exciting breakout situation horribly turned against, getting hit by a “fakeout” that was cleverly disguised as a breakout scenario.

New and intermediate traders often struggle to differentiate between breakout and fakeout scenarios because often these setups can have similar building blocks in terms of price consolidating, or otherwise moving towards a breakout point. Except that on some occasions it appears to play out as per the textbook and other times, reverses and moves in the other direction, trapping excited breakout traders.

In this article, we look at some tips and tricks to potentially distinguish between scenarios that can be

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The Pros and Cons of Touch Trading


This article on The Pros and Cons of Touch Trading is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

touch trading

In last week’s article we explained in detail what blind touch trading refers to and a few strategies to make the method potentially work for you as a technical trader. In this article, we take a look at the pros and cons of touch trading.

As a quick refresher, we begin by briefly explaining what touch trading is. More in-depth understanding of the concept and the trading method itself can be found in our earlier article HERE.

As the name suggests, touch trading refers to a method where the trade enters the market at the point of impact of live price with a location

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