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Trading Routine | How to Prepare for the Trading Day

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Trading Routine

Key Points

Although there is no sure-shot formula for winning in the markets, there’s a sure-shot formula for losing big, and it’s called “lack of preparation.” Your trading routine, from the moment you begin your trading day to market close, will likely define your overall performance. The biggest mistake you can ever make besides not preparing for your trading day is letting your mental and physical attributes suffer as a result of your trading.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Whether you succeed or fail in any trade, preparation plays a key role. It is true that not every outcome is a result of what you had prepared (or


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Market Replay | How to Practice Your Futures Trading Strategy Risk-Free


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Market Replay Platform

Key Points

Very few testing methods, save Market Replay software, can simulate the stress and time crunch of live market futures trading. A Market Replay platform can decrease a trader’s learning curve by allowing him or her to select, manipulate, and repeat the time experience of historical trading situations. The ability to stop market time without seeing what comes next may be a valuable tool for traders eager to analyze not only the markets but also their own thoughts, reactions, and forecasts concerning market action that has not yet unfolded.

We all know that futures trading is a risky endeavor. So, before you risk your money on your next great trading idea–be it a

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Best Order Flow Indicators To Spot Buying and Selling Pressure in Futures Markets


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Best Order Flow Indicators

What Indicators should you consider when reading Order Flow?  How do you identify the big player’s trades?  How to add VWAP to your market analysis 

When we trade a financial asset, we often rely on charts to identify market opportunities. We identify patterns that might give us a better sense as to where price might be heading. Our charts are like “maps,” indicating potential headwinds, tailwinds, critical levels, and turning points.

On every chart, price and time tend to be the dominant features. Indicators, though important, are variable and supplemental. Although “volume” is sometimes

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Top 3 Technical Trading Strategies Every Futures Trader Should Know


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Top 3 Technical Trading Strategies Every Futures Trader Should Know

Key Points

There are hundreds of technical indicators out there. Too many, in fact, and enough to cause ‘paralysis by analysis.’ This post is intended to show three technical trading strategies that can offer a quick, easy, and efficient approach to trading the futures markets effectively. Many traders spend too much time experimenting with various technical indicators, or parameter settings. Our goal is to simplify a trader’s technical trading strategy down to three key indicators or systems. Candlesticks are a system on their own; frequently revealing turning

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Order Flow Trading Platform | Optimus Flow


Optimus Futures is very excited to announce the launch of our brand-new trading platform – Optimus Flow.

Optimus Flow is our signature trading platform with a groundbreaking trading interface using analytical panels for enhanced visual display, better technical analysis and fast order execution. Trade from a single command center with an intuitive and flexible toolbar to create, save and manage your personal trading environment.


Optimus Flow’s professional volume analysis tools looks at the distribution of the trading volume at each price level to detect imbalances between buyers & sellers.

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