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Pre-Trade Checklist | Using Scoresheets to Prepare for Your Next Futures Trade


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Pre-Trade Checklist

When given the choice between trading objectively and trading solely “from the gut,” chances are that an objective approach might suit you better. Elite traders (as we covered in a previous article) may be able to combine both, trading intuitively or, as the cliché goes, “in the zone.” But rarely would they rely solely on one or the other, as intuitive decision-making often relies on both capacities combined–that is, being able to harmoniously fuse objective and subjective approaches.

One simple but effective way to make objective decisions while trading is to keep a pre-trade checklist with scoresheet in hand. It isn’t rocket science, but the simplicity of the approach often conceals the

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Futures Trading Technical Analysis |  Conduct a DIY Technical Trading Audit with These 10 Questions


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Futures Trading Technical Analysis- DIY Audit

Even if you are not a technical trader, you can still ask the right questions – and use the right tools to answer them – to uncover issues with your trading approach.

Futures Trading Technical Analysis – How Much Do I Need to Know?

As any successful futures trader might tell you, both technical and fundamental analyses are concepts that can serve as tools to help you better understand markets, identify trading opportunities, and place trades based on a reasonable market thesis.

Anyone can acquire a sophisticated understanding of either discipline,

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How to Manage Risk in Futures Trading | 5 Steps to Deal With Market Uncertainty


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futures trading risk management Hero Image

The reality of the markets is very different from those faced in most situations in life and work. The difference, of course, is the level of speculative risk. Strangely, many futures traders who don’t quite get this try to develop methodologies, approaches, or even futures trading rules aimed to eliminate all the uncertainty and ambiguity from the process of trading in order to make trading decisions more confidently.

Well, as most successful futures traders might tell you, this can only lead you down the wrong path. Risk

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Is Your Futures Trading System Not Working? Find Out Why and How You Can Fix It.


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6 Steps to Evaluate Your Trading Strategy

Note: the terms “strategy” and “system,” though fundamentally different, will be used interchangeably as the topic of this article can be applied to both concepts.

Successful traders rely on strategies (and systems) capable of providing trading opportunities across a wide and varied range of markets and market conditions. The systems they employ are often adaptable to variance, as market conditions tend to vary unpredictably, sometimes frequently, depending on the underlying economic environment. But there are times when a system’s adaptability may not go

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4 Stages of Futures Trading Competence | A Hypothetical Evolution of An Elite-Level Trader


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4 Stages of Futures Trading Competence

If you’ve ever taken the time to learn a skill properly, you would’ve realized rather quickly that the more you know, the more you actually don’t know. You’ve likely figured out that there’s yet another hill to climb, an even higher one, having reached the previous hill’s peak.

To take another metaphorical approach, now that you’ve dipped your toe into the water, you look out to see that the entire ocean is much deeper and more expansive than you had initially thought. And it seems never-ending.

So how

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