How To Manage Whipsaws In Your Trading


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Trading Whipsaws

It eventually happens to every trend-following trader, especially those implementing an always-in-the-market trading strategy. You enter the market anticipating a strong trend only to see it reverse unexpectedly.

You then switch from long to short, hoping to catch some momentum. But then the trend loses steam, reversing yet again.

By this time, you realize you may be in for a “sideways” market or stuck in a trading range. Every time the market’s direction reverses, a good chunk of your trading capital goes with it.

Enter the whipsaw trading environment where “death by a thousand stops” becomes a very palpable fear. This is

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Eurodollar Futures | A Deep Dive Into The Futures Contract with more Volume than E-mini-S&P 500 Futures


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Inflation, interest rates, and the state of the economy have dominated the headlines on Wall Street in 2022. And while you can play inflation and interest rates in several ways, Eurodollar is a unique option different from currencies and treasuries.

In fact, Eurodollar futures are the world’s most-traded futures contract.

Today we’ll dive deeply into Eurodollar futures and show you why this is one of the most exciting markets on the planet.

What Is A Eurodollar

The Eurodollar is a U.S. dollar deposited in commercial banks outside the U.S.

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Why You Should Only Trade the Most Liquid Futures Contracts


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Benefits of Trading the Most Liquid Futures Contracts

It doesn’t matter what type of futures trader you are, day trader, momentum, or even swing…it won’t help you if you’re not trading the most liquid futures contracts.

For a trade to go through in the futures market, the buyer and the seller must agree on a price. There are always two prices, the bid price, which is the price buyers are willing to pay. And the asking price, which is the price sellers are offering out.

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What Type Of Futures Trader Are You? Understanding Trading Behavior Dynamics


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Trading Behavior Dynamics

Your success or failure as a futures trader could result from account size, level of experience, or intelligence. But, it’s also about matching a trading style to your trading behavior.

You can be trading alongside the best futures trader, but your results will vary substantially if you don’t have the same stomach for risk or the same conviction in the play.

That’s why it’s so essential you sit down and ask yourself a series of questions to figure out what style of futures trader you are.

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Maximizing Capital Efficiency With Futures Trading Leverage


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Futures Trading Leverage

What do equity options, real estate, and futures have in common?

They all harness the power of leverage.

For example, in some cases, all you need is 20% for a down payment to get some property.

Here’s how it works with futures. One gold futures contract leverages 100 troy ounces. If gold futures are trading at $1800, then one gold futures contract leverages you $180,000 worth of gold.

At a smaller scale, micro gold futures contracts control 10 troy ounces, or $18,000 worth

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