Backtesting Trading Strategies in Futures Markets | An In-Depth Guide


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Backtesting Trading Strategies in Futures Markets

There comes a time in every trader’s development when one accumulates too many trading strategy ideas to test “manually” in a real-time sim environment. That’s just the beginning.

Every strategy can spawn multiple variations. Once you get a handle on your strategy, even the slightest tweak can yield extremely different results. Hence, one strategy becomes two related but separate strategies.

So, if you had five strategies with three tweaks per strategy then you essentially have 25 different strategies whose results can vary considerably. As a trader, you have a responsibility to rank every strategy that might end up seeing the

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How To Avoid Bull Traps in Futures Trading


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How To Avoid A Bull Trap

Have you ever bought a futures contract in hopes of a breakout that never materialized? And instead, prices soon start to drop right in front of your face.

But it looked so good. Why did it just all of a sudden break down?

There are many possible reasons, which we’ll explore later on. But we just described something called a bull trap, which is the complete oppositive of the bear trap. 

Bull traps happen in bull and

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How to Avoid Bear Traps When Day Trading Futures


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How to Avoid Bear Traps When Trading Futures

There are several strategies that traders can apply to make money trading futures.

One of the most common is momentum trading.

These strategies rely on following a trend with the expectation it continues.

You’ll also hear these called ‘trend following strategies. However, breakout trading also relies on momentum as well.

The difficulty with any of these is knowing what’s a real continuation of a trend and what’s not.

Quite often, what you think will happen never materializes.


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How to Trade Futures with Fibonacci | A Complete Guide


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Fibonacci Trading Guide

What Is Fibonacci Trading?

If you’ve spent enough time in the active trading world, the name “Fibonacci” will likely have come up several times. There are quite a few trading indicators, techniques, and strategies named after this 13th-century Italian mathematician.

Although Fibonacci himself had nothing to do with these trading approaches, the approaches derive from a few of his concepts; most having to do with his unique form of measurement.

So, to answer the question posed in the title, Fibonacci trading is a trading strategy that employs the use of Fibonacci ratios. Overall, the application

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How To Manage A Small Futures Trading Account


This article on Managing a Small Futures Trading Account is the opinion of Optimus Futures. Trading Micro Futures or smaller contracts does not imply a higher level of trading success. 

How To Manage A Small Futures Trading Account(1)

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Whether it was Paul Tudor Jones, John Paulson, David Tepper, or Warren Buffett, every big money trader and investor started smaller than they are today.

Beginner Traders often fall victim to the idea that only sizeable amounts matter when you trade.

That’s only true when:

There exist cost advantages to trading in size You can’t trade for smaller

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