Mean Reversion Trading | What Is It And How Do You Trade It?


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Asset prices often tend to revert back to an established mean after an extreme move. Successful application of this principle in trading requires patience and skill. Continuous adaptation is critical when trying to fade markets.

You know how rubberbands work. You pull it or stretch it and it snaps right back. Well, there’s a financial concept that plays out similarly.

It doesn’t guarantee a snap-back in price; sometimes the model will just break and prices will run. But when it does work out, the rubberband makes for a good metaphor for this model. Enter Mean Reversion Trading.

Just as the name suggests, mean reversion trading revolves around the idea

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How To Trade Order Flow On Tradingview


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How To Trade Order Flow On Tradingview

TradingView has become a go-to platform for many futures traders, especially those who trade off price action, support, and resistance lines and make decisions based on technical analysis.

Whether you’re trading treasury futures, crude oil, gold, or indices like the E-Mini S&P 500, having an eagle view of the market is essential.

One way TradingView can help futures trading is through its Volume Profile feature.

It’s not built directly into TradingView, but it’s available

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How To Paper Trade on TradingView


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How to Paper Trade on TradingView

Whether you’re a new futures trader or someone with experience who wants to test a new strategy, paper trading with TradingView can help you immensely.

Paper trading, a practice analogous to pilots training in flight simulators, has become an invaluable tool for traders. It offers unique opportunities to test strategies in a “real-time” setting and risk-free environment, providing the confidence to venture into futures trading.

But the big question remains: how does one go about paper trading on platforms

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The Trading Journal: An Untapped Powerhouse


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The Trading Journal An Untapped Powerhouse(1)

A trading journal is a tool for tracking trades, strategies, and outcomes. It helps traders develop a structured and analytical approach. A trading journal can help you improve your trading by promoting discipline and emotional balance. A trading journal is essential for traders to learn from their experiences and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Trading is like a chess game where every move counts, and you need to think several steps ahead to out-think the market. It’s easy to forget the basic tools

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How to Effectively Backtest Your Trading Strategy on TradingView


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How To Backtest On Tradingview

One of the best ways to test a new futures strategy is by backtesting it with TradingView. You see, trading is a risky business. And backtesting allows you to test out new strategies and see if they are viable before you put your hard-earned money to work.

Whether you’re interested in scalping e-mini futures, or have a gold swing trading futures strategy, you’ll want to know how it performs under different market conditions.

In this guide, we’ll dive

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