TradingView Overview and Platform Summary

TradingView General Overview and Platform Summary

Summary of the Video:

A general highlight of Tradingview’s web based trading platform buttons and icons, as well as information on “Social Trading” and how real-time interaction with other traders has been integrated into the trading platform.

Specific Icons include: Profile Button, Market Data Button, Manual Time Frame Button, Bar Style Buttons, Chart Settings Button, Compare Button, Indicators Button, Alerts Button, Ideas Button, Undo/Redo Button, Full Screen Button, Layout Buttons, Watch list News and Details Button, Manage Alert Button, Data Window Button, Hotlists Button, Chat Button, Recent Chat Button, Idea Stream Button, Notifications Button, Publish Ideas Button, Stock Twits and Twitter Screen Shot Buttons, Personal Screen Shot Button, Trading Panel Button, Strategy Tester Button, Pine Editor Button, Notes Button,

Charting Icons include: Cross Hair, Trend line, Pitchfork, Brush Text, XABCD Pattern, Long Position, Arrow, Zoom in and Measure, and a hidden icon button to lock, hide and remove these tools.

Now you can trade through TradingView charts via the CQG API.

Please call us today to get started on TradingView’s platform.  Please call 800-771-6748 Local 561-367-8686

Q and A for TradingView:

There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading. Past performance is not indicative of future results. 


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