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Gain Capital (Futures) Review 2019

Gain Capital (Futures)

gain capital

As part of our on-going series of FCM reviews, this blog post reviews Gain Capital, providing access to one of our most popular platforms, Gain Trader.

Quick Facts:

  • $52,959,200 in Net Capital as of 11/30/2018
  • $216,124,042 in segregated funds as of 11/30/18
  • 19+ years of industry leadership

Gain Capital Background

GAIN Capital was founded in 1999 and provides a diverse mix of both retail and institutional investor’s access to thousands of OTC and exchange-traded markets with exceptional liquidity, technology, and service. GAIN Capital is headquartered in Bedminster, New Jersey, and has a global presence with 800 staff across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. As a global, publicly traded company (NYSE:GCAP), GAIN Capital must meet the highest standards of corporate governance, financial reporting, and disclosure.

We recommend Gain Capital (Futures) to

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