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How to Become a Professional Futures Trader – Part III


This article on How to Become a Professional Futures Trader is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

How to Become a Professional Futures Trader

This last installment concludes our three-part series on what it takes to become a professional-level futures trader. If you haven’t read the previous two posts, we suggest you do so in order to get the overall trajectory of the series and to learn or revisit some (often overlooked) information concerning each stage of the journey.

The Independent Pro – Trading as a Business

What is the one thing that separates an independent professional from a non-professional?

>> If you’re thinking knowledge, it’s not quite that. There are plenty of knowledgeable traders who either seem stifled by what they know or seem unable to apply their knowledge in any manner that

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Indicator Trading Vs Price action – Tips to help you make the right decision


Indicator Trading Vs Price action

The question regarding whether you should use price action only or rely on indicators when making trading decisions is probably among the most controversially discussed trading topics. At the same time, there are many misconceptions around this topic that keep traders from making the right decisions for their own trading. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of Indicator Trading vs Price Action trading and we debunk some of the most commonly shared myths.

Are indicators lagging?

The number one argument of price action traders is that indicators are lagging. But why is this not true and what do some traders miss here?

It’s important to understand that indicators and price action is really not different. Indicators take the price action information you see on your charts and then perform calculations based on that information. Thus, the indicator shows you exactly what

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