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How to Become a Professional Futures Trader – Part I


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Professional Futures Trader

Every person who has the gumption to enter the world of commodity futures trading does so with more than just an ounce of ambition. Sure, there are a handful of wealthy investors who can afford to apportion a very small percentage of their portfolio to futures and alternative investments, but this class of investor doesn’t represent the typical “retail” futures trader, the “smaller” speculator who often has much less starting capital, and potentially much more to lose.

This article is for the vast majority of retail futures traders who are just getting started, hoping to grow a relatively modest amount of capital into a consistent stream of income. This piece focuses on those

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Professional Futures Trader Personality-The fine line between Losing and Winning


There are many clichés out there about what it takes to be a trader and what the “ideal” personality of a trader looks like. Most of what has been written is of little value because it is too general and does not focus on the different nuances of profitable trading. Black and white thinking can be misleading and the character traits necessary are generally not that clear-cut; it’s a fine line between losing and winning and the following comparison shows the different nuances.


Confidence without ego

Confidence describes the ability to follow your trading rules and to believe in your system. The degree to which you can quantify your trading edge enables you take trades as you see them without hesitation or doubt. When traders with a high level of confidence also have a big ego, things can become dangerous. Trading with ego means that you believe you have superior abilities when

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Our picks: Selective Free Trading Articles, Podcasts and more


Today we are going to take a look at what other people have written about the financial markets. Below are the six most interesting articles we found about the world of trading and investing over the past month.

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  • A great interview with Peter Brandt who is a professional trader with 29 years of trading experience shares some of his personal lessons he had to learn over almost three decades and also talks about some things which

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