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9 Practical MetaTrader Tips every Trader should know


MetaTrader is among the most used trading platforms and there are many reasons why this Forex platform has become so popular over the years. MetaTrader is not only super user-friendly, it also comes with a variety of great features and functions that make the life of traders easy. In this article, we take a look at the 9 most helpful features and tips that you have to know about when using this software.

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This is via the CQG FIX API bridge.


  1. MetaTrader – Using Profiles for an effective routine

When it comes to organizing your MT4 platform, most people completely overlook the profiles function. Within a profile, you can combine and organize your charts much nicer.

For example, the screenshot below shows 4 different profiles: British Pound, Euro, Market Overview, Swiss Franc. When you open a new profile, for example, the British Pound,

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How to create a more robust trading method


A good trading method is much more than a set of entry rules. Whereas most traders would agree to this statement, only very few really internalize the true meaning while always blaming “bad entry signals” for their lack of success. In this article we show you which other aspects of a trading method need to be defined and how the individual components can help your trading become more robust.


What is a good signal?

There are dozens, maybe hundreds, different ways to come up with entry criteria for a trading method. Often, it’s not about whether certain parameters are “better or worse”, but how they are combines and applied to the charts. Here are a few principles that help traders create better trading signals:


  1. Price action and indicators

Most traders think that they have to choose between indicators and price action trading. However, the best traders know that they can combine the two

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