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MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Platform Review: Futures Trading and Spot FX

Optimus Futures is very excited to announce the launch of MetaTrader 5 (MT5) as our newest futures trading platform. You can now trade worldwide liquid futures contracts on MetaTrader 5 (MT5) powered by CQG’s global market data for fast, accurate, and reliable execution.

If you wish to test execution on Spot FX (Non-USA Residents) and CFDs: MT5 Forex Demo

(MetaTrader 5) MT5 is FREE Open Source Platform   

It also allows you to trade on any web browser (Windows, MAC, and Linux) and mobile device. The strength of MT5 comes from a community that consists of millions of users that share ideas and code with one another to overcome the challenges of the market. Not only do you get a platform backed by CQG’s data and reliable infrastructure, but you also get free access to:

  • Full set of trading orders for flexible trading
  • Unlimited

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9 Practical MetaTrader Tips every Trader should know


MetaTrader is among the most used trading platforms and there are many reasons why this Forex platform has become so popular over the years. MetaTrader is not only super user-friendly, it also comes with a variety of great features and functions that make the life of traders easy. In this article, we take a look at the 9 most helpful features and tips that you have to know about when using this software.

Optimus FX Offers both Futures Trading(ES,GC,CL and NQ) and Forex Trading over MT4.

This is via the CQG FIX API bridge.


  1. MetaTrader – Using Profiles for an effective routine

When it comes to organizing your MT4 platform, most people completely overlook the profiles function. Within a profile, you can combine and organize your charts much nicer.

For example, the screenshot below shows 4 different profiles: British Pound, Euro, Market Overview, Swiss Franc. When you open a new profile, for example, the British Pound,

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