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How Lack of Trading Discipline is Killing Your Performance and the Steps You Can Take to Improve It


This article on Trading Discipline is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Imagine, if you will, two traders. One trader holds a superior trading strategy and ample capital resources to make it work. But he lacks discipline. The other trader has a mediocre system, fewer capital resources, but superior trading discipline. The non-disciplined trader has everything going for him, except for himself; whereas the disciplined trader has a few things working against him, but his ability to remain disciplined serves as his core strength.

Who might end up becoming the more successful trader? The answer is that it all depends on a few other things: the ability to adapt to situations, the smarts to assess what’s working and what’s not, and the “discipline” to

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Does intuition and gut feeling play a role in trading?


Does intuition and gut feeling really exist in trading?

Whenever you hear traders talk, they use the words intuition or gut feeling to express their thoughts and to justify their decisions which are often not based on sound trading principles or trading rules, but on something different, something they ‘felt’ about what is going to happen next; or so they claim. However, it is very important to distinguish between real intuition and what traders mistake as intuition.

Trading Intuition

Intuition and impatience

The most commonly made mistake is that traders use intuition to justify trades where they prematurely entered the market and broke their trading rules. They will then say that they had a feeling that price was about to take off and that they didn’t want to miss the trade. Be honest to yourself, how

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