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Trade Forex with IG | Optimus Futures Newest Clearing Partner


IG Forex

Optimus Futures LLC is pleased to announce our partnership with IG, a world renowned 44-year old online forex trading provider bringing their high-quality FX trading services to the US.

Why Trade Forex with IG?

  • Competitive pricing with Zero commission – The only charge is the bid-offer spread, starting from just 0.8 pips
  • Over 80 currency pairs – Trade over 80 FX pairs including EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and more. Get automatic volume-based rebates if you trade regularly.
  • Effective risk management – Help protect your capital with stop-loss and take-profit orders and keep track of your funds easily with an always-visible snapshot of your profit and loss.
  • Cutting-edge technology – Trade on intuitive web platform and customized apps for mobile and tablet
  • DailyFX premium content – Stay up to date

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How to trade during different times and market periods


The way financial markets and prices of financial assets move often follows a certain rhythm and very specific rules. Furthermore, depending on the time of day and the general market environment, the way prices move can change significantly with very clear patterns.


Volatility, momentum and expectations

The reason why it pays off to be aware of the time of day you are trading in and the implications for financial markets is that you can often see significant differences in the way price move. An experienced trader, thus, adapts with his trading style based on the general market environment.

  • Changes in volatility are most obvious and financial markets often follow a specific rhythm that we will explore later. During the most active times, volatility often picks up strongly and then drops off in lesser active sessions.
  • The way momentum manifests on your charts changes with the amount and the size of financial players that join

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How to Trade the Major News Releases Professionally


Trading news, economic reports and other releases are important influencing factors in the financial markets and, thus, also impact your trading. There isn’t a day without a report coming out and/or someone with an important announcement that can potentially affect the markets. These events can often cause volatility and abrupt changes in momentum and trend direction. In this article, we show you how news impact the financial markets, what this means for your own trading and provide you with some trading tips around such events.


Before the news – market reactions and trading tips

Price behavior before an important news event usually follows very similar patterns. First, volatility and momentum are often flat and price enters a sideways range. This happens when traders and investors are unsure about the numbers behind upcoming report. Thus, no new positions are taken and price just moves sideways.

Sometimes, you can see sudden volatility spikes – when

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Forex Trading Terms You Must Know!


Forex Trading

Bid/Ask Spread Every currency pair has a Buying Price (Offer) and a Selling Price (Bid). The difference between the two is called Spread, and it determines how fast you can exit with a profit if the market has gone your way. The Spread is a cost that is associated with each trade, and it is an important part of your trading method. For short term traders, the Spread usually has a much bigger impact because the Spread makes up the more significant portion of their profits. Longer term traders, on the other hand, often have fewer trades and they hold their trades longer – the Spread usually does not have a meaningful impact for longer term traders. Currency Spreads have to be

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Black Swan is part of Trading. Why Traders Should Always Treat the “Unexpected” as Part of Trading.


Last week the National Bank of Switzerland (SNB) announced that it will remove its peg to the Euro currency. As a result of this decision, the Swiss Franc currency soared 30%, and wiped out many retail traders, brokerages, and even sophisticated traders from various hedge funds. The focus of bloggers, journalists, and many news outlets has quickly turned to the impact of the SNB’s decision on many institutions who have relevance to the Swiss Franc, but little emphasis has been placed on the topic of leverage or the concentration of positions which has been one of the primary causes of trading losses during this unprecedented news event.

Currency Futures Swiss Frank Chart

Currency Futures Swiss Frank Chart


“Black Swan” events or “Fat Tails” are nearly

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