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E-mini S&P 500 Historical Data for MT5


Historical Continuous Chart Data is now available for the E-mini S&P 500 going all the way back to the 1st trade date of the ES on Globex – September 1997.

This Historical Data is included FREE for AMP Global Customers using MetaTrader 5. To apply please use this link:  https://application.ampclearing.com/OPT/apply  

The Symbol to be used to open continuous chart contract is @EP
This historical chart Data is available on weekends as well for strategy testing.

Here is the account demo for MT5

Thank you,

Optimus Futures


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Bookmap Trading Platform: Review and Interview

Tsachi Galanos, CEO of Bookmap, talks to Matt Zimberg, CEO of Optimus Futures, to discuss the Bookmap Trading Software.

What is your personal background and how did you end up with developing Bookmap?

Tsachi: I have over eight years of experience in the financial services industry. In the beginning, I dealt with automated trading strategies and trading systems, including HFT. Roughly two years ago VeloxPro, the company I manage, shifted its focus from proprietary trading activity (mainly algorithmic HFT), to developing an Order Book visualization platform. We named our platform Bookmap (stands for order BOOK and heat MAP).

The reasoning behind the development of Bookmap was the need for a more advanced analysis tool for our HFT activity. Sergey, my partner, and I wanted to visualize the orders we sent to the market. When traders that worked with us saw the initial version of the heatmap we developed, their reaction was

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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: Week of 12-04-2016


After benefiting from the ‘Trump rally’ for three straight weeks, the markets experienced a slight correction last week across the different asset classes. Friday’s job data showed a mixed picture and doubts over the strength of the labor market persisted. Investors also assessed the likelihood for upcoming rate hikes during 2017, leading to the small turnaround. The following report is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Technically, the S&P Emini is capped at 2210 and has been trading lower last week. For now, it has found support at the previous resistance at 2180. On a break of that level and additional selling, price could fall back into the range with the bottom at 2110 – however, it is too early to call such a short reversal given the strength we have seen over the past weeks; some fund managers in the US are increasingly bearish, though.

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How to Trade Market Overreactions


Ahead of an important news event, the expected outcome will usually be priced in by the time the news is released. This means that traders and financial speculators estimate the likely outcome well in advance and then position themselves accordingly. Thus, when the news is being announced, you will rarely see a large move or a complete change in direction because “the smart money” will have already taken their position. However, if an unexpected news item hits the markets and surprises traders and financial players, it can lead to disproportionately large price movements. This is because, first, traders didn’t have the time to position themselves beforehand and second, everyone is trying to figure out what the implications for the market will be.

The term used in this context is ‘overreaction’ and they occur from time to time – just often enough that it is worth explaining this phenomenon and how traders

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