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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: Week of 11/20/2016


The past two weeks have been coined the “Trump rally” by the financial media and his victory in the election has seen the stock market and the US-Dollar rallying while Gold has been selling-off as risk appetite increased. Trump has announced major stimulus programs and the market believes that the US is going to do well. He has yet to deliver and if he does not follow through on his plans, we could see a sharp turnaround since the optimism seems to be priced in already – this is something to keep in mind going forward. The following is the opinion of Optimus Futures LLC:

The S&P Emini closed higher for the week and price closed right at the historic resistance at 2180. However, Friday was a down day right at the resistance level. The real test comes now and the question is if bulls have enough power to push price

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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: Week of 11/13/2016


The US election is now behind us and with the unexpected Trump victory, it is time to assess how the markets view the new presidency and what they expect going forward. At the same time, earnings season is almost over and 76% of all companies beat their earnings estimates and 56% surpassed revenue projections.

The markets are currently focusing on Trump’s plans to increase US infrastructure spending which boosted stock index futures, the Dollar, Copper and the DOW advanced to historic highs. From a macro perspective, the economy seems to be in good shape and if the trust in the Trump presidency keeps up, it’s likely to see price continue its rally. The following is Optimus Futures, LLC analysis and opinion.

From a technical perspective, we can see how the S&P 500 E-Mini found immediate resistance at the 2100 level after price shot up from the initial election overreaction panic.  Obviously, the

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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: Week of 11/06/2016


This coming week is going to be all about the US election and it seems financial markets already started to position themselves last week. The S&P Emini closed lower for 9 days straight and Treasuries raised ahead of this week’s vote. Markets are pricing in the uncertainty that a Trump victory could bring as a Clinton win is not a sure thing anymore.

Early last week, price broke the 2100 support and volatility has also increased since. From a technical perspective, there is very little that could keep price from falling all the way into the 2000 area. However, technicals are not going to be as important this week as investors and market participants watch the outcome of the US election. Whereas an election typically does not have a major impact on trading activity and price behavior in the medium term and long term (in our opinion), a surprise Trump win could change

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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: Week of 10/16/2016


The analysis below is our opinion and any reliance on the numbers below is done at your own discretion. There is a substantial risk of loss in futures trading.

Last week, good US retail sales number and worse than expected consumer sentiment data made for a mixed week. On Tuesday, the S&P E-Mini Futures had a big down day and during the rest of the week, price just kept ranging at the 2130 area without any direction and lots of volatility. The trendline, which met up with the 100-day moving average, is being tested right now and the area price has entered is non-directional which means that price is stuck between support and resistance areas.

Price is now, once again, close to the 2100 support area which all traders will be watching next week. Expect to see lots of volatility once price reaches the area. On Tuesday, CPI data is being released which

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Chart Analysis and News for the Futures Market: Week of 10/03/2016


The S&P 500 continued to trade in its narrow range between 2175 and 2125 over the past 2 weeks. Growing concerns about the banking system in Europe, and Germany in particular, did not affect trading activity in the US – yet.

Yellen does not sound too optimistic about a December rate hike and unless we are seeing some more positive economic data soon, which most analysts don’t expect to happen, no additional rate hike is probably the likely outcome.

This week, employment and NFP data will be released and traders will pay close attention to the report, especially with regards to the FED talk. The fear and greed index is at 50 which means neutral and the charts confirm that with the narrow range trading. Market participants are obviously hesitant and waiting for a new impulse and more data. Although

The fear and greed index is at 50 which means neutral and the

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