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10 Chart Patterns Every Futures Trader Should Know


This article on futures trading chart patterns is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

If you want to succeed as a day trader or swing trader, you must know your chart patterns inside out. Since not all chart patterns have the same success rate, it helps to know the most common chart patterns and how to trade around it–meaning, knowing how to manage a trade or take alternative entries (long or short) if a pattern fails. We can help you with the first part.

Here are ten futures trading chart patterns which can help you understand the balance between buyers and sellers in the market. Let’s go over each pattern and explore what it might reveal about the overall market sentiment.

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Filter Trade Setups by Combining Support and Resistance with Order Flow


This article on Support And Resistance Order Flow is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

All technical traders are familiar with horizontal support and resistance levels in the market formed by prior occasions of price bouncing off of certain price levels. They are a foundational construct of technical analysis, and rather simple to spot and apply on charts. The simplicity that comes with dragging across a horizontal line on a chart is also what makes these levels so popular and widely followed by traders.

In this article, we will discuss how support and resistance levels can help you better filter trade setups when you combine them with order flow dynamics.

First – Let’s Talk Liquidity

Ideally, a nice mix of buyers and sellers are needed to make a market liquid, which prints on the chart as normally sized candlesticks either moving in a pattern or sideways. But occasionally the market will spring out of

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How to Trade Divergence the Right Way!


Spotting and trading divergence is a common practice employed by technical traders, irrespective of the time frame or market. There is a lot of literature around the web sharing the nuances of spotting divergence correctly, including the use of swing points and drawing reference trend lines on the oscillator and price itself for assistance and visual clarity.

But there is clearly more to divergence than just spotting it right. And that truth jumps out at you more than ever when you notice instances where price continues on with the trend while your favorite oscillator indicator continues to print diverging highs or lows, leaving you scratching your head. How exactly do you time your trades to make the most of the divergence?

Let’s take a deeper look to explore how divergence works in the marketplace.

Divergence is an Indication, NOT a Trigger

The first thing we need to understand is that divergence alone is

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AgenaTrader Futures Trading Platform Review

AgenTrader Platform


AgenaTrader Pricing: €39 per month for the Basic version and €59 per month for the Andromeda.

Purchase Options:

AgenaTrader Basic: €790.00.

AgenaTrader Andromeda: €1,190.00.

AgenaTrader COT-Report Add-on: €190.00

AgenaTrader Volume Add-on: €390.00


General Overview of Trading Platform

AgenaTrader’s leading-edge semi automatism with the ‘6 Must Have Tools’ provides you a workflow driven technical environment that improves your trading by becoming your Trading Coach. With integrated Risk & Money Management and asset diversification, AgenaTrader users are able to control their emotions and stay in the market for longer periods. This reinvigorate traders who are not active in the market by equipping them with the proper tools for professional trading.  Designed as a platform for traders and investors, AgenaTrader offers a highly sophisticated multi-asset, multi-connectivity trading platform which can be tailored

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How to Find a Practical Trading Method that is Right for You



I always tell my customers about the importance of methodology and risk management as well as how picking the right combination of platform, low latency datafeed and overall trading infrastructure can build a solid foundation. But if I had to do it all over again, I would add one more piece of advice; stay practical.

I understand the excitement that comes with entering into the trading world for the first time. You come across many sites, forums, Twitter accounts and they all claim to have the perfect formula. But consider that both successful and unsuccessful traders are given equal weight when it comes to dishing out advice online. Whether practical, real or theoretical value, it may all sound the same without the

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