DTN/IQ Unfiltered Data For Optimus Trading Group Clients

DTN/IQ Unfiltered Data For Optimus Trading Group Clients


IQFeed is a comprehensive data option for active traders today.  There is no other option for data that includes the combination of exchange data, history, news, market breadth indicators and customer support. All IQFeed users will have the ability to run IQFeed on multiple 3rd party charting software platforms at the same time without paying additional data fees. If you are a Non-Pro? Please ask “James To” on how he can help you get the REDUCED CME Non-Pro Exchange Fees.

For a FREE TRIAL to IQFeed Sign Up Here – https://www.iqfeed.net/optimus/index.cfm?displayaction=start

Mention “Optimus Futures” for a Special Introductory Rate

1) True tick by tick data (no filtering, no aggregated ticks, etc): You see every quote and every trade from the exchange. This is critical if you want to accurately look at volume analysis, bid/ask analysis or trade rates.

2) 180 calendar days of tick data: It’s a lot of data, but when you need to backfill ticks, we not only provide the trades, but the bid and ask at the time of trade also. This is fantastic for traders doing buy/sell pressure analysis.

3) Several years of minute history: Data going back as far as 2005 and building every day. Not only do we have continuous contracts, but we also have back adjusted continuous contracts.

4) Streaming real time news: Included in the basic service you will get economic news, equity news, stock scans, full market commentary and international market updates. You also get the full PR Newswire and Businesswire feeds at no extra charge. Premium news from Reuters, Dow Jones, and many others can also be added.

5) Over 700+ market breadth indicators such as TICK, TRIN, ADVANCE/DECLINE, PCRATIO, Equity Only PCRATIO, and many more. This includes options scans, index scans, etc. They key here is that they update every 1 second. You can’t get this data with broker feeds, and other commercial vendors only update this data between every 5 seconds and 1 minutes.

6) The support group is trained on most 3rd party software including NinjaTrader and MultiCharts and can help users get configured and optimized. If there is every a problem, we are hear 24 hours a day 6 days a week!

Dave Forss – Sales / Business Development Manager

Phone:  402.255.8429  Fax:  402.255.8180  Toll Free:  800.475.4755.x.8429

Email: dave.forss@dtn.com

Trading futures and options involve substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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