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NOTICE: Deliveries on Currencies & Canadian Dollar Futures – 6/11/2021


Attention traders,


Due to market volatility, we would like to remind our clients of the Optimus Futures delivery policy which states that all speculative positions must be liquidated prior to LTD. This policy will be strictly enforced on ALL expiring deliverable positions.


As a Reminder:

  • Mon June 14th is Last Trading Day for June Currencies. All positions must be liquidated by close of business TODAY6/11/2021!
  • Tues June 15th is Last Trading Day for June Canadian Dollar. All positions must be liquidated by close of business Mon June 14th.


Thanks for your prompt attention to these matters! If you have any questions, please contact us at: (800) 771-6748 or by Email at:

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Futures Trading Benchmarks | How Does The Typical Retail Trader Perform — And Exactly Where Do You Rank In It?


This article on Futures Trading Benchmarks is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

How Does The Typical Retail Trader Perform

  • The purpose of a futures trading benchmark is to see how your performance compares to an alternative (and competitive) means of investment.
  • The underlying notion behind all trading is that you can outperform a given market benchmark; otherwise, you would invest in a given benchmark and not try to outperform it.
  • In the end, the bottom line is your “bottom line”: how much money you made or lost over time.
For most aspiring futures traders there’s nothing that revs up the appetite for success more than the stories about incredible trading successes. For instance, many traders are aware of Richard Dennis’ (one of the Turtle

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How to Trade Commodities During Inflationary Periods


This article on commodity inflation in 2021 is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

How to Trade Commodities During Inflationary Periods

  • There are many opinions and theories circulating around the media space as to the nature, origins, and duration of the current inflationary surge.
  • When trading commodity futures, it is important to distinguish what type of inflation is taking place.
  • To take advantage of monetary inflation, you have to constantly keep your eye on certain fundamental indicators and markets in order to anticipate inflationary turns in the market.
It seems as if everybody is talking about inflation now. Tune into mainstream media–CNBC, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Fox Business, or WSJ–and you’ll find everyone tackling the inflationary threat from different angles.

The Crux of the Debate: Transitory or Long-Term?


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7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Traders & How to Break Them


This article on bad trading habits is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Bad Trading Habits

  • Bad trading habits can quickly deplete your trading account.
  • Identifying your bad habits is half the battle, as many traders can’t easily recognize them.
  • Although the futures market is inherently risky, traders are often their own biggest risks.
When risking a large amount of capital in an inherently risky market using high leverage, bad habits can be debilitating if not deadly, figuratively speaking. That’s because you may be unaware of your own bad habits. The problem is that we may be the sum of our actions, and if our bad habits have more of an impact than our good actions, then YOU are your own biggest risk in the

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Do Trend Following Strategies Work When Day Trading Futures?


This article on trend following strategies is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

  • Trend following is one of the simplest and (at times) most effective strategies to follow.
  • It’s also one of the hardest and most misunderstood approaches, despite its potential simplicity.
  • Many traders following a trend following strategy are often confused as they don’t adequately understand the nature of the trend itself.

What Is A Trend Following Strategy And How Does It Work

We’ve all heard the maxim “the trend is your friend,” and for good reason. There’s an entire group of traders and money managers who swear by the so-called “trend-following” approach. But before we get into that, let’s first take a deeper look into the principles of trend following.

To better understand how trend

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