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NOTICE: Deliveries on Live Cattle/Gas Oil/Sugar #16/Currencies


Attention Traders,

As a reminder:

Today Mon, April 6th is First Notice Day for the April Live Cattle. Any LONG positions at the close of business today will be at risk of delivery.
Wed April 8th is Last Trading Day for the April Gas Oil contract. All positions must be liquidated prior to close of business on Wed.
Wed April 8th is also Last Trading Day for the May Sugar 16 contract. Delivery intentions must be submitted to the delivery team otherwise positions must be liquidated prior to Wednesday’s close of business.
Next Mon, April 13th is Last Trading day for April Currencies. Due to the Good Friday holiday, all positions must be liquidated by the close of business on Thurs April 9th.

Thanks for your prompt attention to these matters! If you have any questions, please contact us at: (800) 771-6748 or by Email at:

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Trading Futures in a Bear Market | What NOT to Do When Facing Unprecedented Market Volatility


The following article on Trading Futures in a Bear Market is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Futures Trading Bear Markets

If this is your first bear market, then you might find yourself a bit stunned by the turbulence that’s been hitting the markets over the last few weeks. This is especially the case if you’re a short-term trader. You see, the 2008 financial crisis didn’t happen quite this fast, and the volatility, though quite bad, wasn’t this bad. The crash that comes closest in recent history is probably the 1987 stock market crash, though the initial plunge (and the bear market to follow) was short-lived.

Right now, the markets won’t find a bottom until the COVID-19 pandemic finds some kind of resolution. And by the looks of it, whatever resolution is out

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Micro Nasdaq Futures VS Nasdaq 100 ETF | Which One Should You Trade?


The following article on Micro Nasdaq Futures VS Nasdaq 100 ETF is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Nasdaq futures vs Nasdaq etf

You want to trade the Nasdaq 100 index and have the choice of trading the Micro e-mini Nasdaq futures (MNQ) or the Invesco Nasdaq 100 ETF (QQQ). Both have the same underlying index, the Nasdaq Composite. So how different can they really be? Well, from an investment perspective they’re quite different. But from a trading perspective, we’re talking a “night and day” difference.

Sure, they’re correlated, as the Nasdaq Composite is the underlying index. But overall, they’re two separate instruments presenting different trading opportunities, liquidity profiles, trading hours, capital requirements, cost efficiencies, and tax treatments. That’s a bucket load of differences, and you may or may not realize what the implications are

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