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How to Use Bollinger Bands in Futures Trading


The following article on Bollinger Bands is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Any movement in asset prices implies some level of volatility. If price is barely moving, volatility is still present but low. When price really gets moving, volatility increases. And when prices begin fluctuating up and down in jagged waves, whether trending or ranging, then volatility is high. But how might you measure whether price volatility has exceeded the average? After a large price move, at what point might prices have gone too far, implying a possible reversion to the average?

That’s what Bollinger Bands are designed to help measure.

What are Bollinger Bands?

Created by John Bollinger in the 1980s, Bollinger Bands are an indicator used to help monitor the volatility levels of a security’s price–be it a stock, futures contract,

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Why Futures Traders Should Not Hold Day Trading Positions Overnight


This article on overnight futures trading is the opinion of Optimus Futures

Holding Positions Overnight

What Is an Overnight Position?

An overnight position is simply any position held beyond the market close. Later today, for example, the ES will stop trading at 5pm EDT. But “tomorrow’s” trading day begins an hour after close, at 6pm EDT. Confusing? It can be. There is no “overnight” close. The ES trades around the clock from Sunday 6pm to Friday at 5pm with one hour close at the end of each weekday. “Overnight” is a misleading term, simply because most commodities trade around the clock (24-hours) five days a week.
Many day traders, particularly new ones, make the mistake of holding positions overnight. Sometimes the mistake is unintentional, and other times it is intentional but poorly thought-out.


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Deliveries Reminder: Cattle/Energies/Grains/Treasuries/Metals – 8/30/19


Attention Traders,


As a reminder:

  • Tomorrow, Fri, Aug 30th is the Last Trading Day for the Aug Cattle. It is also the Last Trading Day for the Sept Heating Oil and RBOB contracts. ALL Aug Cattle and Sept Heating Oil & RBOB positions should be liquidated by 12pm Chicago time on Friday.  Please do NOT wait until the last minute to liquidate your positions.
  • Tomorrow, Fri, Aug 30th is the First Notice Day for ALL the Sept CBOT Grains, MGEX Wheat, CBOT Treasuries and Metals contracts. Any LONG positions at the close of business today will be at risk of delivery. Please liquidate your Sept positions to avoid any unwanted deliveries.


Thank you for your prompt attention to these matters! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 771-6748 or send us an email to

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Pre-Trade Checklist | Using Scoresheets to Prepare for Your Next Futures Trade


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Pre-Trade Checklist

When given the choice between trading objectively and trading solely “from the gut,” chances are that an objective approach might suit you better. Elite traders (as we covered in a previous article) may be able to combine both, trading intuitively or, as the cliché goes, “in the zone.” But rarely would they rely solely on one or the other, as intuitive decision-making often relies on both capacities combined–that is, being able to harmoniously fuse objective and subjective approaches.

One simple but effective way to make objective decisions while trading is to keep a pre-trade checklist with scoresheet in hand. It isn’t rocket science, but the simplicity of the approach often conceals the much larger benefits that such

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