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An Introduction to Tick Charts and How to Trade Them in Futures Markets


The following article on Tick Charts is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Traders use a wide variety of charts to analyze markets. Most charts, however, are time-based, and traders’ cycle through different time frames to match their specific strategy or preferred time horizon.

Longer-term traders may use daily charts to get a sense of the big picture while using hourly charts to plot entries and exits. Short-term traders may go as small as using 1-minute charts to trade price action.

But what if your short-term goal was to trade on the smallest “transaction” level? What if you wanted to trade price breakouts not on the level of time but on the level of each transactional “tick”? If this aligns with your trading objectives, then you might want to consider trading Tick Charts.

What is a Tick Chart?


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Day Trader’s Guide to Mastering Trade Exits


One of the many joys of successful day-trading is counting the number of profitable trades and watching your equity curve inch higher. Of course, the opposite can be said of negative trades that decrease your equity.  In the end, it is a combination of experience, temperament, market volatility and your application of risk management (Trade Exits) that will determine the outcome of your trading account and long term equity curve.

But while day-trading can be potentially rewarding, there are certain nuances that set it apart from swing trading with higher time frames, and one of the most obvious is the need for quick thinking and decision making. As we will see, deciding when to exit the market is often an area many new traders struggle the most when day trading. In this article, we attempt to lay out general guideline for day traders to setting specific profit targets – and timing

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