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NOTICE: Deliveries on Natural Gas & Metals – 5/26/20


Attention traders,

As a reminder:

  • Wed May 27th is Last Trading Day for June Natural Gas. All positions must be liquidated by close of business Tues May 26th.
  • Wed May 27th is Last Trading Day for all of the May metals. All positions must be liquidated by close of business Tues May 26th.


Due to market volatility, we would like to remind our clients of the Optimus Futures delivery policy which states that all speculative positions must be liquidated prior to LTD. This policy will be strictly enforced on ALL expiring deliverable positions.


Thank you for your prompt attention to these matters! If you have any questions, please contact us at (800) 771-6748 or send us an email at:

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Market Replay | How to Practice Your Futures Trading Strategy Risk-Free


This article on Market Replay is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Market Replay Platform

Key Points

  • Very few testing methods, save Market Replay software, can simulate the stress and time crunch of live market futures trading.
  • A Market Replay platform can decrease a trader’s learning curve by allowing him or her to select, manipulate, and repeat the time experience of historical trading situations.
  • The ability to stop market time without seeing what comes next may be a valuable tool for traders eager to analyze not only the markets but also their own thoughts, reactions, and forecasts concerning market action that has not yet unfolded.
We all know that futures trading is a risky endeavor. So, before you risk your money on your next great trading idea–be it a set-up, method, or strategy–you had better

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Best Order Flow Indicators To Spot Buying and Selling Pressure in Futures Markets


This article on Best Order Flow Indicators is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Best Order Flow Indicators

  • What Indicators should you consider when reading Order Flow? 
  • How do you identify the big player’s trades? 
  • How to add VWAP to your market analysis 
When we trade a financial asset, we often rely on charts to identify market opportunities. We identify patterns that might give us a better sense as to where price might be heading. Our charts are like “maps,” indicating potential headwinds, tailwinds, critical levels, and turning points.

On every chart, price and time tend to be the dominant features. Indicators, though important, are variable and supplemental. Although “volume” is sometimes treated as just another “indicator,” what many traders miss is that the combination of price, time, and volume can

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Top 3 Technical Trading Strategies Every Futures Trader Should Know


This article on Top 3 Technical Trading Strategies is the opinion of Optimus Futures.

Top 3 Technical Trading Strategies Every Futures Trader Should Know

Key Points

  • There are hundreds of technical indicators out there. Too many, in fact, and enough to cause ‘paralysis by analysis.’
  • This post is intended to show three technical trading strategies that can offer a quick, easy, and efficient approach to trading the futures markets effectively.
  • Many traders spend too much time experimenting with various technical indicators, or parameter settings. Our goal is to simplify a trader’s technical trading strategy down to three key indicators or systems.
  • Candlesticks are a system on their own; frequently revealing turning points in the market.
  • The Ichimoku system can reveal which direction a trend is moving, while each of its components

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