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Post BREXIT trading problems – How to trade in uncharted terrain


After Friday’s huge price movements, many traders now face the question of how to trade a market that is trading at price levels unseen for 20+ years. Price that is trading below/above multi-decade lows and high, or below/above all-time highs and lows is often very difficult to analyze because no current reference points exist. In our opinion, it’s impossible to apply most concepts of technical analysis, such as horizontal support and resistance, moving averages or other tools that are based on historical price points.

In this article, we provide actionable and practical tips for beginner and advanced traders so that they can potentially improve their price analysis skills and make sense of chart analysis.

  • GBP/USD – Below 20-year low
  • GBP/JPY – Approaching the low
  • EUR/GBP – Still in range
  • AUD/GBP – Still in range
  • GBP/CHF – Close to the lows


The final BREXIT week. How to trade BREXIT and what does it mean?


This trading week, all eyes will be on Thursday’s BREXIT referendum and financial players and investors from all around the world will closely watch the financial markets. We may see a major impact on price behavior across multiple asset classes due to the BREXIT poll, before and after the actual vote on the 23rd, when investors and traders position themselves. The opinions below are of Optimus Futures, LLC and are shared for your convenience and do not constitute a trading advice.  We encourage you to read the note we have placed in our forum addressing the issues that may be associated with “Brexit” and trading around this period.  Please Click here: Preparing for Brexit


What is BREXIT?

BREXIT stands for “British Exit” and it means that Britain is considering and voting on leaving the European Union. The reason behind the poll is that many British people believe that it will be better

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9 Practical MetaTrader Tips every Trader should know


MetaTrader is among the most used trading platforms and there are many reasons why this Forex platform has become so popular over the years. MetaTrader is not only super user-friendly, it also comes with a variety of great features and functions that make the life of traders easy. In this article, we take a look at the 9 most helpful features and tips that you have to know about when using this software.

Optimus FX Offers both Futures Trading(ES,GC,CL and NQ) and Forex Trading over MT4.

This is via the CQG FIX API bridge.


  1. MetaTrader – Using Profiles for an effective routine

When it comes to organizing your MT4 platform, most people completely overlook the profiles function. Within a profile, you can combine and organize your charts much nicer.

For example, the screenshot below shows 4 different profiles: British Pound, Euro, Market Overview, Swiss Franc. When you open a new profile, for example, the British Pound,

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Fibonacci extensions Applied to Crude Oil Futures Price Targets


Fibonaccis are a multi-faceted tool that can be used in numerous ways. In today’s article we focus on the usage of Fibonacci levels as tool for stop loss and take profit placement. Not having a consistent and reasonable stop loss and profit taking strategy typically leads to varying trading results.


Fibonaccis 101

In its actual form, the Fibonacci tool measures the depth of price retracements. A trader identifies a trend -wave (A à B move in the Fibonacci terminology) and the Fibonacci retracement tool provide different levels that measure the depth of the retracement.

For example, the chart below shows the current Crude Oil price. The last bearish trend wave allows us to apply the Fibonacci tool to it. During the overall bearish trend-wave Crude Oil lost 62% of its value – a price drop from $61 to $37. The retracement brought us back to the 50% Fibonacci level when price retraced from

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