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Application Programming Interfaces

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TT APIs - A full range of application programming interfaces

TT enables users to customize and extend the power of the underlying TT platform through a range of application program interfaces (APIs). Leverage our robust, high-performance architecture while creating your own custom applications and trading strategies.

Features and Highlights

The newest application programming interface (API) from TT allows end users and third parties to build faster, more scalable trading applications for desktop and server deployment. TT API is meticulously optimized, resulting in the lowest latency and highest throughput API available on the TT platform. Give your custom strategies an edge with TT API, available at no additional cost to X_TRADER® Pro users.

X_TRADER® API and RTD Server
Extend the power of the TT platform by integrating your automated trading logic, custom price and fill reporting and user-defined trading windows directly into the X_TRADER environment. Build applications using the X_TRADER API (XTAPI) to monitor real-time prices, submit orders, receive order and fill updates, manipulate resting orders based on market events and more.

The XTAPI RTD Server provides an Excel® Real-Time Data (RTD) server for integrating live prices, orders and fills into your Excel worksheets. Build simple to complex trading automation and analytics without complicated programming using XTAPI RTD.

FIX Adapter
TT’s FIX Adapter provides the industry-standard Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol for integrating customer and third-party order routing, market data and trade capture systems with the TT platform. Use the FIX Adapter to quickly and efficiently integrate existing FIX-enabled systems with the TT trading platform for compliance, trade tracking and fill reporting, order management and routing and trade automation.

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Design sophisticated trading applications with TT’s fastest API to date

TT once again raises the bar for application performance and scalability with TT API. The newest application programming interface (API) from TT allows end users and third parties to build faster, more scalable trading applications for desktop and server deployment. TT API is meticulously optimized, resulting in the lowest latency and highest throughput API available on the TT platform. Give your custom strategies an edge with TT API, available at no additional cost to X_TRADER® Pro users.

Develop server applications with TT’s next-generation API
TT API enables developers to design server-based trading applications for proximity-based deployment. Deploy any number of applications and monitor their progress, including the underlying markets and P&L, in real time from a single X_TRADER screen.

Build low-latency trading systems without maintaining complex exchange connectivity
TT API is integrated with the full suite of TT’s high-performance exchange gateways, providing a normalized view of the world’s leading derivatives markets while offering lower latency and greater throughput over our legacy APIs. Using TT API, developers can build applications that submit new orders or modify existing orders in microseconds without the associated burden of developing, testing and maintaining complex exchange connectivity. The normalized TT platform ensures that a strategy developed for a particular market can be retargeted to new exchanges and markets without time-consuming code changes and extensive re-validation.

Leverage TT’s high-performance Strategy Engine technology
TT’s Autospreader® Strategy Engine (Autospreader SE) and Synthetic Strategy Engine (Synthetic SE) servers have become standards in electronic futures trading, allowing users to define and submit custom spreads and synthetic orders for proximity-based execution across one or more venues. TT API provides developers the ability to submit SE orders without writing the complex logic that implements these synthetic order types. For example, a multi-leg, multi-exchange synthetic spread on Autospreader SE can be created and managed as a single order using TT API, enabling users to capitalize on new trading strategies without lengthy implementation and test cycles. Similarly, synthetic orders such as stops, trailing limits and slicers, including custom icebergs, percentage of volume (POV) and time slicers, can be submitted as simple orders from TT API to Synthetic SE, eliminating the need for developers to design, optimize and test complicated synthetic order behavior.

Utilize modern programming technology to develop powerful applications
TT API offers advanced development capabilities through full integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, including built-in TT API reference documentation, IntelliSense and Tool Tips. In addition, TT API is compatible with .NET 4.0 and supports multithreaded application development for true concurrent processing.

Available at no additional cost for X_TRADER Pro users
TT API offers powerful new capabilities not previously available on the TT platform. Whether deploying desktop applications that extend X_TRADER or server applications for automated trading, an X_TRADER Pro user can run as many instances of local- and server-mode TT API applications as desired at no additional cost.

X_TRADER® API, RTD Server and Excel®

Extend. Enhance. Enrich.
You can extend the power of X_TRADER Pro with the X_TRADER API (XTAPI). By tapping into the XTAPI, you can develop custom add-on applications that enhance your electronic trading strategies. Applications developed with the XTAPI can receive real-time market prices and updates, submit and execute orders, receive order and fill information, manage orders in the X_TRADER order book, leverage Excel spreadsheets with Real-Time Data (RTD) and more.

Create custom strategies
The XTAPI allows you to extend your X_TRADER Pro environment with custom trading strategies and decision-making applications. With XTAPI, you can capture split-second opportunities and respond to changing market conditions that would outpace manual actions. You can monitor and react to dozens of markets simultaneously without the need for additional servers, hardware or data circuits. Use XTAPI to integrate your proprietary automated trading strategies while taking advantage of the flexible X_TRADER tools, including market depth ladders, consolidated pre- and post-trade risk management, position keeping, customer and order defaults and more. XTAPI allows you to harness the power of automated trading thorough TT’s robust and feature-rich API.

Build robust applications with the industry-leading API
XTAPI is used by trading firms worldwide for its robustness, flexibility and comprehensive developer support program. Rest assured that your proprietary strategies will execute as designed, when split-seconds matter most, leveraging XTAPI’s unrivaled performance, resiliency and advanced functionality.

Consistent interface across dozens of exchanges
With XTAPI, there is no need to redesign your application to trade new exchanges and markets. Applications developed using XTAPI can be applied to new exchanges without time-consuming modifications. Apply your strategies consistently and effectively to markets worldwide, while enjoying the resiliency and performance of the underlying TT platform.

RTD: Import Real-Time Data into Excel® spreadsheets
XTAPI features a Microsoft Real-Time Data (RTD) server that enables you to import real-time prices, orders and fills directly into Excel spreadsheets, allowing you to customize your X_TRADER Pro environment without complex programming. Whether you are a sophisticated developer wishing to use the advanced programming features of the API, or a less complex user looking to leverage RTD to simply import live prices, orders and fills into your Excel spreadsheet models without programming, RTD and XTAPI deliver the power and flexibility you need to build your custom edge

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FIX Adapter

Efficient enterprise integration with TT’s industry standard FIX 4.2
TT’s FIX Adapter represents our commitment to open access via the industry-standard Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol. Submitting trades, monitoring prices and capturing orders and fills into third-party systems has never been easier. TT’s FIX Adapter provides a rich set of capabilities that facilitate rapid integration with FIX-enabled order routing and middle/back-office systems. The FIX Adapter provides the most flexible means of integrating TT’s platform with your enterprise-level systems.

Integrate third-party systems
TT recognizes that users face a wide choice of complementary solutions, including third-party order management and back office systems. To “future proof” your commitment to TT, the FIX Adapter guarantees that orders, prices and fills can be seamlessly integrated with your choice of third-party systems. Whether you want to route orders from your OMS, capture fills into your back-office system or monitor trades and risk for middle office and compliance, TT’s FIX Adapter provides a highly robust and open solution for enterprise-level integration.

TT’s leadership in FIX integration
Nobody understands FIX-based derivatives better than TT. Whether it’s our deep experience building high-performance connectivity to FIX-based matching engines, our participation in and contributions to the FIX Protocol Limited organization or our desk of FIX customer support and development specialists, no firm is better equipped to assist you with integrating electronic derivatives trading than TT. See why so many electronic brokers have chosen TT’s FIX Adapter for hundreds of their clients worldwide.

Centralized user management
The TT platform provides centralized user and risk administration for all users, including those who use either X_TRADER® or any of our APIs. So whether you are setting up a new X_TRADER user or configuring a FIX-based black box, TT provides a common and consistent set of tools for user administration.

TT Developer Support
TT provides support to developers, consultants and third-party vendors who integrate to the TT FIX Adapter through seasoned Developer Support specialists and the development questions are answered quickly and confidently. Conformance testing services, including test scripts and access to the TT FIX conformance environment, are available for every project, whether you’re a customer or third-party vendor. Best of all, TT provides comprehensive development support services free of charge. Once the integration work is completed and certified, TT offers ongoing operational support to ensure that your FIX application continues to run at the highest level of quality and performance. No other vendor provides this level of FIX development support. See why brokerage firms and their customers worldwide are turning to TT’s FIX Adapter.