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A next-generation solution for real-time modeling without risk

TT SIM™, TT’s next-generation trading simulator, allows traders to test strategies against a live production price feed via a simulated matching engine. The new TT SIM requires no additional hardware and is available free of charge with all X_TRADER® licenses.

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Key Benefits

  • Cost effective
    TT SIM runs on the X_TRADER workstation, meaning no separate server hardware is required for simulated trading.
  • Realistic
    The TT SIM matching engine has been tuned to closely mirror the performance and feel of live production trading.
  • Scalable
    Test strategies against production prices for dozens or hundreds of contracts at a time.
  • Easy to use
    TT SIM requires minimal configuration. There is no need to configure contract information or manually roll expiry dates.
  • Seamless
    Test strategies and build workspaces in simulation, then seamlessly launch them in production.

Key Features

  • Free access to X_TRADER Pro including ADL, Algo Strategy Engine, Synthetic Strategy Engine and the X_TRADER API regardless of whether licenses exist for those TT products.
  • Simulated trading of any future, spread, option, energy or other product available for live trading on the TT platform
  • Seamlessly integrated into X_TRADER.
  • See your own orders reflected in the simulated price feed.
  • Reset your positions and P&L on demand any time you want to restart testing.
  • Develop and test strategies and applications built using TT’s high-performance API products.
  • Optionally test your strategies subject to the same pre-trade risk limits you would have in live trading.

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