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Colocation & Hosting

Colocation is ideal for traders seeking the fastest access to Rithmic's CME exchange matching gateway. Rithmic Colocation can greatly benefit traders who are running automated trading systems, customers trading the US Markets from overseas or those living in rural area that does not have access to fast internet. Taking advantage of Colocation brings your strategy as close to Rithmic's CME matching engine as possible, significantly reducing execution times, as well as the risks of multiple points of failure without having to have a major investment in hardware and infrastructure.

Virtual Private Servers are located in the CME Aurora data center (Data Center 04). These servers are connected directly to Rithmic’s trading network, allowing you to trade using any of the available trading platforms.

CPU:1 Core of an E3-1280V2
Clock Speed:3.6 GHz
Memory:7 GB
Bus Speed:1600 MHz
Disk Storage:2 x 450GB
NIC Speed:1Gb
Operating System:MS Windows Server 2012 Standard

Proximity Hosting

Collocate your own equipment in these data centers, connected directly to exchange facing routers (subject to exchange authorizations). Latency to these exchanges is about as low as it can get, with each data center providing direct access to exchanges, trading venues and liquidity centers listed below:

Data Center Location Exchange Access
Data Center 01 Telx at 350 East Cemark Road in Chicago, Illinois ICE Futures Canada, ICE Futures UK (Non-Energies, ICE Futures US
Data Center 04 CME’s data center in Aurora, Illinois CBOT, CME, COMEX, NYMEX
Data Center 12 Equinix’s NY4 data center in Secaucus, New Jersey IEX, CBOE Futures Exchange

Dedicated Servers

These servers can be connected directly to Rithmic’s trading network.

CPU:1 x Intel E3-1280V2
Core Count:2
Clock Speed:3.6 GHz
Memory:32 GB
Bus Speed:1600 MHz
Disk Storage:2 x 2 TB, 7200 RPM, Raid 1
NIC Speed:1Gb or 10Gb
Operating System:Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4; or Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard

Subject to exchange approval these machines may be connected directly to the exchange facing routers (10Gb ports).

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