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Manage your orders in the way you prefer.

ScalpTool lets you manage your orders in different ways. Once selected the default quantity of your new order, you can simply click on the DOM: you can place a limit order on the book or fill a trade directly. Then, you can move your orders with drag & drop or use our special Fast Order feature. And, if you need, delete all your orders in just one click.

Would you like a Time & Sales that tells you what big investors do?

Time & Sales MF (Mani Forti - Strong Hands) is a special indicator by euSpeed which helps you reading the tape. Set up the filter values, these will be applied to the Time & Sales revealing the movements of the big investors.

When the technical analysis can’t help, one of the best way to trade is follow the big investors. David can still beat Goliath.


Order Priority

It allows traders to understand and better handle the priority of market orders. It allows you to check the size of the orders that were placed before and after your order and subsequently understand the quality of the position of your order on the book.


Understanding the difference between simulation and reality is possible only by the color of the buttons! This is the degree of simulation offered. The priorities, delays of orders and more are identical to reality. All settable, even considering the type of internet connection that is adopted.

Market Review

This feature allows you to relive the market in all its aspects as if in real time. This feature allows the trader to test MarketQuotes and / or its operational strategy when markets are closed. The review accurately reflects all the priorities and challenges of the market.