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Futures Trading Commissions

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per side on micros
per side on standard contracts

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Trade More. Get Even Lower Commission Rates.

Clients who meet the daily trading volume levels below qualify for even more savings with commissions as low as $0.05 / Side. After you Open your Account, you must contact us at (800) 771-6748 or to ensure the appropriate commission tier.

Average Daily Contracts Micros Commissions Per Side Standard & E-Minis Commissions Per Side
0 - 20 Contracts $0.25 $0.75
21 - 100 Contracts $0.20 $0.50
101 - 500 Contracts $0.15 $0.25
501 - 1000 Contracts $0.10 $0.20
Over 1000 Contracts $0.05 $0.10

Common Futures Trading Costs

All additional trading costs you incur are simply pass-through fees and apply to all traders. Optimus Futures does not mark-up any of the fees below.

Technology Fees
Exchange Execution & NFA Fees
Exchange Data Fees
Account Fees

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*Commission rates above are quoted on a per-side basis for new self-directed accounts opened after September 20th, 2022. Commission rates are subject to change at any time. Commissions, FCM Clearing, Exchange and NFA fees apply to all order types. Exchange fees are subject to change and can be confirmed on the exchange websites. Non-US customers may be subject to an additional clearing fee of $.25 per side charge on standard contracts and $.16 per side on micro contracts. The rates above apply to standard day trading margins. Lower day trading margins may subject you to higher commissions.

Holding positions past the session close MAY subject you to higher commission rates. Commissions and fees could be charged in the currency of the traded product. In the event of margin calls, liquidation fees are $25 per contract for Micro-Stock Index contracts and $50 per contract for all other contracts. The rates apply to self-directed individual, joint and corporate accounts. Limited POA, allocation accounts, leader-follower, give-up, and other professional services may be subject to additional fees. Please reference our Fee Schedule for additional fees that may apply to your account.

Not all clients qualify for discounted commission rates. Specific platforms and datafeeds are required. The commissions displayed above are effective for traders cleared by Ironbeam. Discounted commissions are not automatically applied to any account and do not automatically adjust based on monthly volume or day trading margins. Standard day trading margins apply to volume-tiered pricing. You must contact us to request any rate changes. No rebates will be issued for past activity. All commissions are subject to ongoing review and may be increased if clients fail to meet the volume requirements listed above. Please consult your broker to confirm the current commissions for your account.

Futures and options trading involves a substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Clients may lose more than their initial investment. Past performance is not indicative of future results.